Church and state

To the Editor:

Judge Kavanaugh spoke to Senator Collins regarding Roe v. Wade and stated it is settled law, perhaps until he gets on the Supreme Count and the court could possibly unsettle it. Settled law is not the same thing as saying a case was correctly decided.

As a judge in a speech to the American Enterprise Institute he stated the strict wall between church and state was wrong as a matter of law and history.

This is not the first time he made this argument, as he has long argued in favor of breaking down barriers between church and state. He has argued to weaken the prohibition against using taxpayer funds to cover tuition at parochial schools and has advocated for school prayer to be returned to public schools.

His statement about Roe v. Wade being settled law was used at hearings for other Republican justices currently on the court. All four Republican appointed justices have tried their best to limit the availability of abortion and will vote to repeal with one more vote.

Judge Kavanaugh supported unlimited presidential power in his past written decisions. Shouldn’t all the documents from his years as staff secretary for George W. Bush, which could contain important information about his role in the warrantless wire tapping program and the torture program, be made available prior to the hearings?

His potential support for public funding for sectarian education comes at the same time the Catholic Church hid the abuse of a thousand children that a grand jury uncovered. This should raise alarm bells. Should taxpayers be asked to subsidize parochial school education in the light of such actions?

I would never want one dollar of my taxes supporting any person or institution connected in any way with such treatment of minors inside or outside the classroom. The Maine Constitution already bans such funding. Since Catholic education considers abortion murder, how would five practicing Catholic Justices on the Supreme Court vote to overturn Roe v. Wade? The sixth Catholic judge on the court votes with the other three left leaning justices.

All of Judge Kavanaugh’s thoughts about Church and State contradict his statement about settled law.

Robert A. Rice

Seal Cove


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