Cherished democracy

To the Editor:

At no time in the history of the United States has the continued existence of our democracy been so threatened.

On the national level, the Republican presidential candidate is advocating an authoritarian style of governing to “make America great again.”

On the state level, the state Republican Committee and Maine Senate have tolerated the Republican governor’s unbecoming authoritarian behavior when censuring his demeaning actions has been warranted.

The core of our strong democracy has been our ability to move legislation through Congress through consent and compromise. The Congress of the United States under Republican leadership has remained in gridlock, and the wishes and needs of the people have been put on hold.

The Republican Party candidate for president of the United States has demonstrated time and again he is not fit to do the job as president.

Here in Maine, we need both a Democratic controlled House and Senate to work around the Republican governor for the best interests of Maine citizens.

To preserve and protect our cherished Democracy, vote Democrat for president, congress and the Maine state legislature on Nov. 8.

Bob Chaplin

Bar Harbor

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