Causeway concern

To the Editor:

The roadway crossing Otter Creek harbor is a manmade structure that never should have been allowed to be constructed – and should not be allowed to remain.

In my opinion, the piling type bridge that once spanned Otter Creek Harbor has to be brought back so that the once pristine estuary will flush properly and return to its natural state.

The revitalization committee of the Otter Creek Aid Society is making great strides to this end, and we thank any and all help from the park service, the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Council of Maine, the MDI Biological Laboratory, the towns of Mount Desert and Bar Harbor and the many individuals who work for this cause.

In my opinion, it’s the right thing to do. I hope it’s yours too. All help is appreciated.

The Otter Creek Aid Society held its fall meeting Sept. 26 at the Hall in Otter Creek.

Steve Smith

Otter Creek

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