Casino fine print

To the Editor:

I do not often talk or write publicly about political issues, but the present campaign for “Yes on Question 1” in Maine is so deceptive it offends me.

If Shawn Scott is convinced that this is a good deal for Maine and not just for him, why do the promotional materials emphasize jobs, schools and tax relief? Any mention of a casino is in very fine print.

My research shows that while only a small percentage of profits will go to education and tax relief in Maine, Scott and his backers will make millions. The referendum language designates Scott as the only person who can apply for this license, so whether he keeps it or sells it as he did in Bangor (to those outsiders he is trying to protect us from), he will definitely benefit from the passing of this referendum.

His business practices are under investigation in a number of states, and he refused to talk to a Maine legislative committee investigating these practices in our state. This is not “Progress for Maine,” as the campaign group claims.

Whether you are for or against building a casino in York County, please look carefully at this referendum before you vote. If the backers of this really believed this casino means progress for Maine, the casino issue would not be so well hidden in all the promotions.

Roberta Sprague

Mount Desert

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