Campaign promises

To the Editor:

On behalf of the 230,000 AARP members in our state, AARP Maine congratulates Maine’s governor-elect, the Senators and Representatives who will serve in the 129th state legislature and Maine’s federal elected officials who will represent us in Washington in 2019. While Maine has a strong record of voter turnout, this year’s mid-term election season inspired record numbers of voters to make their voices heard at the polls and through absentee ballots.

During the last few weeks our office engaged with thousands of AARP members and their families around the state. We conducted a statewide survey of Maine voters 50 years old and older and released the results in early September. We organized non-partisan community conversations on healthcare, hosted gubernatorial candidate tele-town hall forums and co-sponsored televised debates with the gubernatorial and US Senate candidates. Our goal was to listen to the concerns of Maine voters 50-plus and offer opportunities for candidates to share their positions with Maine’s largest voting bloc.

With the elections now over, Mainers are eager to hear from those elected on how they will fulfill their campaign promises. How will our federal representatives protect Social Security and Medicare? How will our state legislators expand community services and supports so older Mainers can age in place? How will they enable rural communities to be better connected through improved transportation options and broadband? How can both federal and state officials work to lower the cost of skyrocketing prescription drugs upon which so many older Mainers rely?

These are just some of the concerns we heard about through our voter engagement initiatives this fall. In just a few weeks, the next session will be underway, and AARP Maine welcomes the opportunity to work with the governor-elect and state and federal lawmakers on these critical issues.

Rich Livingston

AARP Maine Volunteer State President


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