Budget votes

To the Editor:

Susan Collins told us that she would not support a budget that would cut Medicare or Medicaid and that she would not support actions outside regular order, yet that is exactly what she did last Thursday.

Sen. Collins voted for a budget resolution to bring forward a bill that seeks to cut Medicare by $1 trillion and Medicaid by $473 billion over the next 10 years. Our neighbors depend on these programs for their very survival.

I have a developmentally disabled adult relative who works but still needs assistance for many daily activities. His Medicaid funding makes it possible. He did not ask to be disabled. He is not lazy. He is doing his best to be a good citizen every day.

Why would Collins vote to punish him and others like him?

The budget resolution that Collins supported last week also means that the Senate will not follow regular order, but can pass the budget with 51 votes, rather than 60 votes.

The budget is huge, and I believe that at least 60 senators should be required to make the kinds of expenditures of our money that are being proposed.

Please join me in contacting Collins, Sen. King and Rep. Poliquin to demand fiscal fairness and responsibility and a return to regular order in the Senate.

Jill Weber

Bar Harbor

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