Buddy system

To the Editor:

I have served on the Tremont Board of Selectmen for the past three years. Upon reflecting back, I feel that some incidents that occurred during this time need to be brought into the light for the public to digest. All these examples can be substantiated through recording of the meetings or documents associated with the meetings.

The Board of Selectmen was given incorrect information by the previous town manager and the former chair of the Board of Selectmen as far as to who and how many were on the list for Harbor Committee appointment.

In another case, an agreement was worked out between the previous town manager and the son-in-law of a local contractor to trade town finger floats for gravel. The floats are gone, and I don’t know where the gravel went in return. Several months later, when the former manager was asked about said agreement, my impression was he had no recollection of the deal.

I believe moorings have been illegally transferred by the previous harbor master.

I believe a resident wharf use permit was issued to an out of town resident while his vessel was documented in a town other than Tremont.

Some current and former members of the Harbor Committee have come before selectmen to argue for the issuing of eight temporary floats in Bass Harbor. They wanted to do so under an ordinance they were in the process of rewriting. That could have created substantial financial exposure for the town.

Six of the floats were to be owned by people affiliated with boatyards, one by a Harbor Committee member and the last by a private boat owner.

Several members of the Harbor Committee and a former member have been working to make a last minute change to the definition of a riparian owner so as to accommodate two waterfront businesses.

Changes have been floated to amend the harbor ordinance to limit the number of fishermen on the board to two. One committee member, when asked, admitted he would discriminate against fisherman.

These are only a few of many examples that have taken place over the past three years. I would highly encourage more people to get involved in local government to keep it transparent and corruption free. The town needs to be guided by laws and ordinances, not the “buddy system.” The system should represent all the people equally.

Dean Wass


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