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To the Editor:

Sometime this winter, I wondered if the taxonomists had come to their senses and changed the scientific name of bunchberry back to what it was. Unfortunately, they had not. But I did learn that bunchberry catapults its pollen into the air in one of the fastest reactions known in the plant world.

So it was with the Wild Gardens of Acadia’s plant sale!

Some of the hardest working botany-lovers known to MDI “rocketed” through the work required for a successful plant sale. Successful it was, and for that, we thank Anne Kozak, Betty Massie, Charlotte Stetson, Cora Olgyay and Alan Rosenquist, Dawn Lamendola, Dixie Hathaway, Geneva Langley, Gordon Beck, Jim Linnane, Josselyn Richards-Daniels, Julie Havener, Leah Rae Donahue, Lili Andrews, Mary and David Opdyke, Maureen Brooks, Pauline Angione, Phyllis and Larry Mobraaten, Ray Turner and family, Roberta Sharp, Sandra Henderson, Stephanie Clement, Susan and Tom Hayward, and Ann Boucher.

Many other gardens and gardeners greatly contributed to this successful plant sale. They include Ann B. Smith, Chris Keith, Leo Chase, Genie Thorndike, Janet Meryweather, Lesley Straley, Marlene Priest, Mavis Weinberger, Penny Grover, Tom Lawrence, Jeanne Kannegieser, several MDI estates and the Land & Garden Preserve.

We are indebted to area businesses Atlantic Landscaping, Dublin Gardens, Fernwood, Home Depot, Islandscaping, J&P’s Farm Market, Miller Gardens, A.C. Parsons Landscaping and Garden Center, Simons Hancock Farm & Greenhouses, Sunflower Gardens & Greenhouses and Sweet Pea Farm.

We are particularly grateful to the parish of St. Saviour’s for letting us share their domain.

On behalf of the Wild Gardens committee of Friends of Acadia, we thank all those who purchased plants. The funds raised through the sale support the annual maintenance and operation needs at the Wild Gardens, located at Sieur de Monts in Acadia National Park.

Thank you all. You are the anthers to the Wild Gardens’ prayers.

Helen Koch

Chair, Wild Gardens of Acadia Plant Sale

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