Blame game

To the Editor:

When I began reading Steve Milliken’s letter in the Thursday, Sept. 15, edition of the Mount Desert Islander, I became extremely upset by the discrimination experienced by his daughter’s nanny by a Northeast Harbor restaurant and a retail shop.

The fact that a restaurant in Northeast Harbor would deny a reservation to anyone based upon their race is unacceptable; to embarrass a customer by assuming a retail item was not affordable is abhorrent.

Unfortunately, as I continued to read Milliken’s letter, I became extremely angry for a different reason. Milliken, who is, apparently, another liberal socialite elite, chose to blame the racist acts of two businesses on Donald Trump and Paul LePage. What arrogance!

Milliken did not have the integrity to identify the restaurant and retail shop that discriminated against his daughter’s nanny. Instead, he chose to directly blame two conservative Republicans, and to indirectly blame me and all the other citizens who support Trump and LePage, for being racist.

As a result of Milliken’s letter, I will never again patronize any business in Northeast Harbor because they are all guilty of racism until proven innocent.

Donald E. De Golyer

Southwest Harbor

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