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To the Editor:

My five-year-old daughter fell asleep on Sunday night singing “pure imagination” over and over and over again. No other words. She didn’t need them. Earlier in the day she had – her words not mine – “the best birthday ever.”

We decided to combine this year’s birthday celebration with Acadia Community Theater’s (ACT) spring performance of “Willy Wonka.” How do you plan a Willy Wonka party? Well you can’t do it alone.

I owe my inspiration to my Friends of Acadia colleague and cast member Stephanie Clement. I try never to miss one her shows. I owe my coordination to friends Sydney Roberts Rockefeller and Keri Hayes. And I owe the imagination to the cast and crew of this wonderfully creative musical. You know they did a good job when eight children sat rapt in the front row of the theater for two hours straight.

My daughter’s highlight of the party? When Willy Wonka sang happy birthday to her.

My highlight? Watching the kids levitate when their friends in the show first appeared on stage. I know the wheels are turning for them all that they could be on stage too. With this group of talented and fun artists at ACT, anything is possible.

Thank you Acadia Community Theater for the “best birthday ever”!

Lisa Horsch Clark

Seal Cove

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