Benefit thanks

To the Editor:

If anyone ever wondered why we live on Mount Desert Island, they would’ve found the answer at the Southwest Harbor Legion Hall Friday night. Susan Dunbar’s benefit showed how a community comes together with love and support.

Thank you to MCM Electric, Frost Farms, Maine Point, Emery Builders and to everyone who donated raffle items and fancy desserts.

Scott, Thomas, Jesse and Mark were the go-to guys as we worked to pull the event together on short notice. My heart goes out to the “Susans” for all the hard work.

Thanks also to Cheryl, Cheryl H., Darla, Doreen, Katelyn, Maureen, Wanda, Nicolette, Becky, Judy, Lynn, Bunny, Katelyn, Selena D. and Selena G.

Thank you to the friends who performed and kept us entertained!

Let’s try to make at least one person smile a day.

Paula Dunbar

Southwest Harbor

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