Bar Harbor council crossroads

To the Editor:

It’s time for new leadership on the Bar Harbor Town Council.

Though our councils of the past several years have done the basics of keeping the town running, chronic and looming problems have been left languishing on the roadside.

For years, residents have begged the Town Council to devote their focus and resources to growing our year-round community, particularly in the areas of year-round jobs and affordable housing.

Most of us agree that the past councils have done well with promoting the tourist industry. At this point in time, many of us feel the urgency of our schools emptying and our year-round residents disappearing.

Simply put, many residents are saying: “We have enough hotels and cruise ships. Good work. It does bring in money. However, our year-round community is dying, and it’s too expensive (taxes, water, housing prices) for even us to live here, let alone for young people to want to move here or stay here.”

I believe that our town of Bar Harbor, our historical Eden, is at a critical crossroads.

We need two new council members who want to grow Bar Harbor into a year-round thriving community where everyday average people not only want to live, but can afford to do so.

I strongly believe that Matt Hochman and Nate Young, both of whom grew up here, live and work here, and actively follow and participate in town issues, can offer us the respectful and intelligent leadership needed at this critical crossroads juncture.

They both have demonstrated the ability to listen, understand and act upon citizens’ concerns. More importantly, Hochman and Young can both comprehend the many gridlocked positions on multiple complex issues facing Bar Harbor. Most importantly, both are able to practice the fine art of compromise to reach a consensus position that moves beyond gridlock. With Hochman and Young on our Town Council, Bar Harbor will be able to help our community reach consensus about which road to take to a thriving year-round community and economy.

Please vote for a better future.

Donna Mae Karlson

Bar Harbor


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