Letter to the Editor: Ban the reusable bag

To the Editor: 

Perhaps the coronavirus pandemic will open people’s eyes to the unsanitary, pathogen transferring practice of re-usable grocery bags.  

A study found 97 percent of people using these bags do not sanitize them — ever! Starting when leaving the store, I’ve seen bags set on the pavement before being placed in their vehicles. That’s the same pavement people spit on, crush cigarettes, walk and drive on. What have those shoes stepped in or tires run over? It is also where seagulls, other birds and animals have walked and defecated.  

Most grocery stores do a good job to ensure the safety of their customers (with the exception of allowing the use of re-usable bags). Sanitizer is available at the entrance. Shields are placed over salad bars and self-service displays, raw seafood is separated from cooked seafood to prevent cross contamination, meat departments and other departments that process food undergo strict sanitation requirements and government inspections (as does every food product sold throughout the store), employees must wash hands after using the restroom, counters and checkout stations are periodically sanitized. 

The country is shutting down to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Sporting events, amusement parks, schools, cruise lines, all closing. Social distancing is recommended. Don’t touch or get close to anyone. Wash hands and sanitize everything. But, bringing into grocery stores re-usable bags which may be contaminated with life threatening flu or coronavirus is just fine! One contaminated bag could infect hundreds of people. By any sense of logic this is mind-numbingly ignorant. 

To their credit, some of the coffee shop chains will no longer accept reusable cups. It is high time that grocery store owners stop bowing to political correctness and ban this disgusting practice to ensure the safety and very lives of their customers. 

Michael Briggs 

Blue Hill 


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