To the Editor:

Why is the Bar Harbor Town Council in such a hurry to impose a pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) trash disposal plan on the citizens of this town? This is just one more example of government dictating the lives of our tax paying citizens.

It appears that if you are a year-round resident, you take the brunt of Town Council whims. The last we residents knew of this issue, it was to be a presentation/educational discussion on the idea of the system of paying for each bag thrown into the trash system. It was going to be a nonbinding vote at the annual town meeting in June.

Now at least one town councilor is proposing a six-month trial period, November through June (the least busy time of the year), to see if there would be community support for this.

Supporters claim there would be decreased cost to the citizens of Bar Harbor. However, people living on a small or fixed income would find increasing hardship to foot the bills for this. It appears the savings to the taxpayer in taxes would be far less than the additional cost of the bags.

The next question which is yet to be resolved is the outcome of the upcoming master plan project for the town transfer station study. Is it fiscally responsible to try and implement a new, unproven plan which would possibly need to be totally revised or discarded upon the final recommendations of the master plan? What would that cost us taxpayers?

Bar Harbor residents will pay more and will be the losers while PAYT bag suppliers will be the winners.

Donald Bell

Bar Harbor

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