Appalling coverage

To the Editor:

I am appalled with the Ellsworth American and Mount Desert Islander’s skewed view of Freshwater Stone and Brick.

How much did they pay to have the words “A rock-solid Maine business” on the front page of the paper and the special section published?

The emphasis on owner Jeff Gammelin’s words “We still believe strongly that we have the right to quarry there” in the news article about the town issuing a stop-work order, was shameful. The emphasis should have been on the words “State law requires such compliance for quarries larger than one acre, and MacQuinn’s application was for 2.1-acre quarry.”

After MacQuinn revised its license application, reducing the size of the quarry operation to one acre, the Mount Desert Planning Board resumed the public hearing last August.

Would anyone be able to tolerate living next to an industrial quarry?

Noise pollution created by industrial quarry activity does not help with home value or sanity! I purchased my home because I wanted to live in an area with lots of green space. I wanted to be able to hear the frogs, birds and insects around my home. When Freshwater Stone and Brick was operating this August, without a permit or license, all I could hear were jackhammers, drills and backup beepers on the equipment. Apparently, if someone wants to destroy a neighborhood, they just need a ton of money.

Why is one individual’s property rights valued higher than the rest of the neighborhood’s property rights?

Instead of being one sided, you also should feature the people that live in Hall Quarry and how they contribute to the local community.

Kelly O’Neil

Hall Quarry

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