Angels are among us

To the Editor:

This is a note of appreciation for all the contributions made by so many to assist our granddaughter, Hannah Somers-Jones, with her recovery after a horrific automobile accident on Thanksgiving weekend last year.

Many thanks go to Bob Bowman and all the many musicians and volunteers who contributed their time and talent on Tuesday last at the Criterion Theatre, where all the many gifts for the silent auction were displayed for bid and cash contributions were made.

Hannah is far from healed, but her attitude is overtly positive, and she knows the seriousness of her injuries and that the next three years will tax her patience. Her face was broken, her eye sockets, her nose, both upper and lower jaws were shattered, as were many of her teeth, which had to be removed and will need replacement.

This all required hours of surgery before they could stabilize her spine and implant rods through five vertebrae in her mid-back. She is a lucky girl to be alive, and she thanks God and her many skilled doctors who literally rebuilt her body.

Hannah is an optimist. We are fortunate to have a community like ours that has stepped up and helped with her recovery. Those many people who attended the benefit were just the medicine she needed and were perhaps equally important if not moreso to Hannah, who so needs the “big hug” they all gave her last week.

Thank you, too, to the Islander for the extensive coverage they gave this event, and thank you to all who were part of contributing and volunteering on her behalf. You all are her angels.

Hurshey and Brian Somers

Bar Harbor

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