American greatness

To the Editor:

I have no way to understand how the Trump administration, in its proposed budget, is “making America great” when, in face, it will take taxpayer funds away from the most vulnerable and needy here in Maine and all across this country.

This budget will hurt and deprive innocent children, vulnerable seniors, home fuel assistance, agricultural and environmental programs. It will rob vital funds from education, health and a multitude of human service programs.

If that is not depressing enough, it also will cancel funding for the arts, which gives such hope and motivation to youth and humanizes us all.

The Trump budget is a direct reflection of true priorities – priorities that are not shared by millions of Mainers and Americans. We often say that what you support with dollars is what you truly value. Are we truly okay as citizens with a budget that reflects values which say loudly we devalue children, the elderly, sick and poor and so many other aspects that make us caring, ethical human beings?

How is any of this a reflection of all the many caring, compassionate, decent citizens in Maine and all over our country who would never, knowingly, choose to do harm to others? This budget, if passed, will do grave harm to millions of our neighbors, our own fellow citizens.

We must all wake up and become more active citizens. Tell our legislators: “You work for us, on our behalf. This budget is a disgrace and does not represent our values; causing irreparable harm to our fellow citizens is not the way to make America great!”

In fact, this will destroy the best of what is great about America and all the principles upon which this nation has been built! We are authentic citizens and Americans when we value and act with justice and compassion, honesty and integrity.

America does not cause harm to the vulnerable. We act responsibly and with respectful care. That is what has always been authentic American greatness.

Margaret Kilmartin

Southwest Harbor

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