Alone in silence

To the Editor:

While it is extremely disturbing that President Donald Trump issued an executive order, now suspended by the courts, that halts travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, what is equally troubling is Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s silence on such an issue of national and international importance.

His spokesman, Brendan Conley, stated in the Sun Journal that “the congressman will not be voting on these executive orders.” I am astonished that this measure, impacting millions of human beings, which is unconstitutional and outright un-American, does not impel a response.

What person of conscience can remain silent in the face of such widespread detriment?

The Boston Globe reported that of the 33 New England congressional delegates, Poliquin stands alone in his silence. If recent weeks are indicative of what lies ahead for America, I dare imagine what we can expect from such tepid leadership and lace of transparency.

I hope Poliquin will stop abdicating his responsibility to our great state and summon the courage to weigh in publically on issues of such great consequence.

Ann O’Connor

Southwest Harbor

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