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To the Editor:

On April 21, the Hancock County Democratic Committee heard very important presentations from College of the Atlantic students who were in Paris in December at the international climate negotiations and from the local leader of Mount Desert Island’s Climate to Thrive, a totally volunteer multi-dimensional project.

On Friday, April 22, 175 nations signed the Paris agreement on opening day at the United Nations. Initially, leaders thought it would take until 2020 to have 55 nations representing 55 percent of the global emissions to join. As reported by the Associated Press, “With the planet heating up to record levels, sea levels rising and glaciers melting, the pressure to have the Paris agreement enter into force and to have every country turn its words into deeds was palpable at the UN signing ceremony.”

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry deserve praise.

On Jan. 24, more than 200 people turned out in Northeast Harbor to begin the process of making Mount Desert Island be energy self-sufficient by 2030. Their goal is to bring increased economic benefits.

Committees have started to work in six specific areas: building performance, local food, public policy, solar and alternative energy, transportation and zero waste. To find out more, visit

Learn more about these two significant organizations and contact your local and national legislators to urge comprehensive action on climate change.

Pam Person

Communications, Messaging and Program Chair

Hancock County Democratic Committee


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