Letter to Editor: A welcome decision

To the Editor:

Well, thanks to Federal Judge Lance E. Walker, I learned a new word: conclusory. It refers to assertions for which no supporting evidence is offered.

It is how the judge referred to expert witness testimony in the attempt by lame duck Rep. Bruce Poliquin to overturn our ranked choice vote.

Judge Walker deserves the thanks of all who voted for and voted by RCV. By meticulously refuting every desperate and disingenuous argument Poliquin’s D.C. lawyers threw at us, the judge confirmed our right to determine how we vote and the constitutionality of RCV itself. His decision is good reading for his own wit and for his choice of quotes.

I am thankful to Judge Walker for a more personal lesson: a reminder to be cautious with judgment and careful of my own biases.

Walker was a member of the Federalist Society, a conservative group instrumental in GOP court-packing. In fact, he was appointed to the Maine bench by Tea Party Governor LePage and fast-tracked to the Federal bench by President Trump and the Senate Republicans.

It may be that Poliquin’s case was so egregiously badso ethically repugnant and legally deficientthat it had no merit. However, this is not the first time Walker has upheld judicial independence. And that is a cause for good hope and good cheer.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

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