A good neighbor

To the Editor:

I’ve known Ted Koffman, initially as a co-worker, and now as a friend of some 40 years, and I do not make friends very easily.

There is an awful lot of political blather around these days. Koffman doesn’t blather. For him, politics isn’t about ego.

Koffman is about recognizing and defining those issues that may trigger legitimate snafus, dismay and/or anger in the diverse individuals, communities and organizations that make up Maine by bringing those often divergent ideas and utilizing the best of them to craft workable solutions.

Koffman thoroughly understands that political ideology, in and of itself, does not resolve issues, people of good intention do. Think of listening, think of facilitation, think of mediation, all qualities that Koffman possesses. Think of a good neighbor.

Koffman is a good neighbor. He’s been a good neighbor to me even when I resided at a considerable distance. For Mainers, he is right here Down East, and he has been here for a considerable period of time.

You know him.

I support Ted Koffman’s candidacy for the Maine State Senate. He is a bona fide human being. In politics, bona fide human beings seem to be in short supply these days.

Lewis Redding

Bar Harbor

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