A critical component

To the Editor:

Two recent news items may point a way to solving part of the crowding and transportation issues so obvious during the past summer.

The state of Maine’s withdrawal from negotiations for the use of the old Bluenose ferry terminal in Bar Harbor may prove to be a good thing as who knows what conditions and requirements the state would place on any change in its status.

Also in last week’s issue of the Islander, the article “Bar Harbor, Acadia ‘mutually dependent’” showed the willingness of Acadia National Park’s new Superintendent Kevin Schneider to work creatively with the community to address shared problems.

Perhaps it’s time for another public-private partnership, such as the ones that resulted in the nation’s only endowed trail system and the rehabilitation of the carriage road system in the 1990s.

The ferry terminal would appear to be the logical place to concentrate not only cruise ship arrivals but a multilevel parking facility (not in downtown, only adding to the congestion there), Island Explorer hub and, perhaps, a satellite park visitor’s center.

Imagine no more buses blocking the views at Agamont Park; visitors easily able to get the prime spots such as downtown Bar Harbor, Sand Beach, Jordan Pond and the Cadillac Mountain summit; park concessionaire tours picking up and dropping off their patrons all the while reducing traffic, congestion and parking problems within downtown Bar Harbor.

A complete solution it is not, but I believe it could be a critical component of an overall solution to the problems of traffic, overcrowding and unhappy visitors and townspeople.

Mike Hays

Bass Harbor

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