A big gamble

To the Editor:

Win ugly has not been Sen. Susan Collins’ style. Until now. In process and product, the Republican tax bill is government at its worst.

Collins’ resounding “yes” vote for the Trump tax scheme is inexplicable except in coldly political terms. Collins chose serving her president, party and patrons over serving her constituents. My guess is that she is done with politics and tired of being trolled by Trump and company for the rest of her term.

Republicans say the success of their bill relies on trickle down economics; in the real, world tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations have only ever resulted in increased profits — more offshore accounts, not higher wages.

And as tax cuts for the middle class are legislated to expire, Collins et al are gambling on future legislators doing a better job than they could be bothered to do. It is up to all of us to work hard to make this so by electing people who actually reliably represent the interests of the majority of Mainers.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

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