9-11 story questions

To the Editor:

Fifteen years ago, we embarked on a road of unending war, loss of previously taken-for-granted liberties and rampant Islamophobia, rooted in a story of 19 fanatical Muslim Arab men hijacking planes and turning our world upside down.

Since then, the mainstream media has reported many individual aspects of that story that don’t add up. Given space limitations, here are just 10.

The publicly documented behavior of many of these men – snorting coke, drinking liquor, enjoying lap dancers – was not that of devout Muslims.

Despite many security cameras in the four airports, only two videos have been released – a grainy one with two different timestamps of two men in the Portland airport, and a misdated one, with no camera-ID, of two men walking in Dulles. No videos or witnesses of hijackers boarding planes. None.

There is no original flight manifest from any of the four flights showing Middle Eastern names.

The FBI’s hijacker list appeared within just a few hours. It changed several times – one man had died the year before, etc. Despite several men on the final list having turned up alive, the FBI says it’s correct.

The cockpit comments reportedly made by the alleged hijackers were transmitted in a way that could have been sent from anywhere by anyone.

The pilots’ simple and required button-press sequence (“squawk”) signaling a hijacking was not executed on any of the planes.

The alleged cell phone calls that described hijackings in progress were proven in almost every case to have been technically impossible. The story was then changed to the use of seatback phones, even from planes that didn’t have such phones at the time. In these calls, the background sounds and caller behavior were inconsistent with cabin conditions that would have existed when the calls were being made, if the flights were as described.

The FBI acknowledged in a 2006 trial that some calls were never connected or didn’t even exist, notably including the single call that mentioned “box cutters.”

The alleged hijacker pilots had never flown a jet-liner. One had flown a simulator of a very different plane. The man alleged to have executed the almost impossible final maneuver over the Pentagon had been declared by his instructors to be unable to fly even a single-engine plane.

Then there were the unscathed NYC “hijacker” passport and undamaged Pennsylvania red bandanas (wrong Muslim sect) found despite total fiery destruction or disappearance of the planes.

One can perhaps be forgiven for thinking that these observations, and many more, from the mainstream media raise serious questions about the Arab-hijacker story that has been the wellspring of all our wars, fears and Islamophobia.

Dick Atlee

Southwest Harbor

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