Letter to the Editor: Thank you

To the Editor:

On January 16 I was able to walk away with minor bruising from an accident that occurred on Tremont Road. Much of this is due to a good neighbor’s action and the rapid response from members of the various emergency response teams. I cannot truly express my appreciation to those who came to my aid, including Amanda Jacobs, EMTs Susan and Troy from Southwest Harbor, several volunteer firemen and a member of the Sheriff’s Office, all of whom braved miserable weather and even more miserable road conditions to come to my rescue. I also want to thank the MDI Hospital staff who were ready and waiting when the ambulance arrived — calm professionalism was in evidence at all times along with compassion and, when called for, humor. Lastly, thanks go to Paula of Grab-a-Cab for the ride back home that had to tax one’s patience in the driving conditions that existed that evening.

Katharine Thompson


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