• Viewpoint: It may not make sense to walk away

    By Carey Donovan I have not met Jim Vallette in person (pandemic caution), but we have phoned and emailed and I have seen his resume. His involvement with waste issues goes back decades, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to this issue. He is correct that his research into DTE ‘s

  • Viewpoint: Turning back the clocks on women’s rights

    By Beth Ellen Warner  When leaving the Jesup Memorial Library today, I noticed the ladies next door are speaking up with a wonderful sign for all to see, right there on Mt. Desert Street in downtown Bar Harbor, which says, “Dear SCOTUS, Please consider carefully.”  Nobody likes abortion. Unfortunately, only men in our nation have choice. Men

  • To the Editor: In the spotlight 

    To the Editor: With Roe v. Wade reproductive rights on the Republican chopping block, Maine Sen. Susan Collins’ confidence, or credulity, regarding now Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s stand on established law is again in the spotlight. Collins was correct to say that Kavanaugh regards Roe as established law. But Kavanaugh, no respecter of established law, is asserting

  • To the Editor: Cruising into troubled waters 

    To the Editor:  I have been reading a book from the Northeast Harbor Library’s new bookshelf called “Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism” by Elizabeth Becker. It has a whole chapter on cruise ships, including a couple of references to Bar Harbor. You can learn from this book how the cruise ship industry has managed to be legal and unregulated.  For

  • To the Editor: Just a bridge and road guy? 

    To the Editor: Rep. Jared Golden’s vote for President Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill for safe roads, bridges, trains, water, sewage disposal and airports, which became law on Nov. 15, is to be applauded.  His recent vote as the only Democrat opposed to President Biden’s Build Back Better bill that passed the House on Nov. 19 and

  • Editorial: Where do we go from here? 

    Drug deaths have been trending upward in Maine since 2014. Drug deaths had peaked – or so we thought – in 2018 and then began to fall in 2019. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic that ushered in a perfect storm for those using or already addicted to drugs: isolation, feelings of despair, and, for many,

  • Editorial: Let’s stop giving the virus chances to reinvent itself 

    Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise again. After reaching near record lows in June and July, the recent fall surge rivals any of the metrics from the pandemic’s worst day so far.   Going into the Thanksgiving holiday, Maine hospitals were already experiencing record hospitalizations and patients requiring a ventilator. As of Monday, 322 Mainers were in the hospital due

  • Editorial: We are what we eat

    Maine’s firearms deer season drew to a close Saturday, but before then thousands of local and visiting hunters took the opportunity to commune with nature and their hunting buddies in the woods. The hunting tradition has been passed down through generations of Maine families – an exercise in skill, patience and seized opportunities.  The traditional pastime is not immune from modern worries,

  • To the Editor: Our local government works 

    To the Editor:  In this time of political divisions in our country and an inability to work together at the national and often state level, I’d like to celebrate something that usually does work pretty well: our local government here on MDI!   I had the privilege of participating in this process recently. I spoke at a Select

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