• Viewpoint: It’s time to democratize the grid 

    By Larry Gilman  Maine, land of curious superlatives: Most forest coverage of any state (90 percent). Whitest. Most geriatric. The only state to border just one other. The only one-syllable state. Slightly more coastline than California. More lobster than God’s own kitchen.  We are also one of the worst five U.S. states for number and

  • Viewpoint: Look before we launch – Study the ground-based strategic deterrent before funding it

    By Gray Cox When we can save $264 billion, we should look carefully. Especially when spending can backfire with the opposite of what we want. For example, Congress is considering a $264 billion system from Northrop Grumman meant to replace some 400 aging Air Force Minuteman III missiles. This “Ground Based Strategic Deterrent” system (GBSD) would replace

  • To the Editor: Thank you 

    To the Editor:   In March, a small group of senior parents began meeting weekly to organize some special events and recognitions for the Mount Desert Island High School Class of 2021. We were not sure what the end of the year would bring in terms of restrictions, but we knew that we wanted to give the seniors some sense

  • To the Editor: Time to silence the Trump horn

    To the Editor: It is Memorial Day [at this writing], the start of Maine summer. It is cold and damp, not appropriate for this holiday. When I was a child, this would have been “unfair.” Lack of fairness meteorologically is nothing compared to what is happening politically all over the country. I thought we would

  • Editorial: Too much to lose

    More than a few first-time visitors to Bar Harbor have nearly swerved off the road after glimpsing Frenchman Bay out the driver’s side window. A vast expanse of silver-blue sea interrupted by the emerald-green mounds of the Porcupine Islands is a postcard come to life. Add a tall-masted schooner to the scene and you will

  • To the Editor: Night to remember 

    To the Editor:  We would like to express our gratitude for all who helped make the 2021 Prom-ish such a success. The amount of support for this event that was provided by so many businesses, community members and parents was amazing, and we cannot begin to express how grateful we are that we were able to give

  • To the Editor: Welcome addition 

    To the Editor:   Thank you to the Bar Harbor Town Council for approving, and the Public Works department for painting, the rainbow crosswalk on Main Street. Not only does the splash of color signify that Bar Harbor is a community that welcomes everyone, it also has the added bonus of making the crosswalks easier for drivers to

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