• Dems take helm

    Maine voters moved the state left last week, electing Democratic majorities in the state House of Representatives and Senate and a Democrat to the Blaine House in a significant political shift. Mainers also elected their first female governor ever in Janet Mills. Plus, 39 percent of the incoming 186-seat Legislature will be female — an

  • Safe state

    The country’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program collects data from 150 Maine police agencies as well as 16,000 city, county and state law enforcement agencies around the nation. The idea is to provide essential data that cities and governments can use to make decisions about public safety and security. The latest tally from Maine should be

  • Viewpoint: Kavanaugh feigned ignorance

    By Phil Worden   I believed Dr. Ford’s testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing before Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. And I understand why the sexual misconduct issue dwarfed all other issues. But some of the issues raised in the original proceedings deserve revisiting because they deal with how our Supreme Court

  • Democracy doing fine

    To the Editor: I was dismayed to read Bob Chaplin’s political commentary last week. Chaplin, a seasoned and respected educator, would do well to recall that the Alien and Sedition Act, secession, and FDR’s court-packing scheme all posed a greater threat to American democracy than President Trump supposedly does now. Trump poses a threat if

  • Struck a chord

    To the Editor: The Community Forum piece “Don’t Thank Me for My Service” in last week’s Islander so reminded me of my late husband’s experience in Korea. He too was on the front lines, and saw so many he knew well be blown up, shot, or gruesomely killed while not getting even a physical scratch

  • Campaign promises

    To the Editor: On behalf of the 230,000 AARP members in our state, AARP Maine congratulates Maine’s governor-elect, the Senators and Representatives who will serve in the 129th state legislature and Maine’s federal elected officials who will represent us in Washington in 2019. While Maine has a strong record of voter turnout, this year’s mid-term

  • Job well done

    To the Editor: The Acadia Family Center Board of Directors expresses its appreciation to Daniel Johnson, Ph.D. for his exceptional service to the Acadia Family Center (AFC) and the entire Mount Desert Island community. Since February 2014, Dan has led our organization as Executive Director in becoming a treatment sanctuary for the MDI community. The

  • A message of support

    To the Editor: The members of the Conners Emerson Civil Rights Team are disappointed and sad about the recent events at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is never okay to use violence against people of any belief or religion. It’s never okay to hurt or kill any person because everyone has

  • Nature: Sea colander grows in winter

    November brings to Mount Desert Island a struggling mixture of summer and winter moods. Frosty mornings contrast with afternoons so warm you may hear a peeper hopelessly calling for a mate! Nature is winding down but as we know quite well there is always something of interest going on in the out-of doors. Watch these