• Creativity is a muscle

    Creativity is a muscle

    It’s a great thing that the athletics and drama departments at Mount Desert Island High School found a way this year to support both the stellar fall musical and the stellar football team, adjusting schedules so that students and their supporters would not have to choose between a playoff game and a performance on the

  • Community Saturday

    Community Saturday

    Recently, Small Business Saturday has joined Black Friday as the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season. We put forth that perhaps this holiday be known as Community Saturday to urge shoppers to patronize their own local businesses first. Step away from the digital devices for a while and return to the old tradition of

  • Advice for candidates

    Advice for candidates

    Complaining about politics and politicians is a national pastime, but since it is Thanksgiving, let us try to look on the bright side. We do have much to be thankful for in Maine. First and foremost is that we are not Washington, nor are we any other state. We are glorious, earthy, funny, generous us.

  • Ignoring the voters on Medicaid

    Ignoring the voters on Medicaid

    By Alan Caron Maine voters sent some loud and clear messages on Election Day this year. First, they sent a clear message on the York County casino vote, which ought to send a message to every self-serving millionaire who thinks he can buy special privileges in Maine with a slick, deceptive campaign. Then they sent

  • Tax bill a bad deal

    Tax bill a bad deal

    To the Editor: It’s super hard in the current political climate to find statements that all Americans can agree on. One of those rare statements is that our tax laws are complicated and distort the economy. As a small business owner, I was excited when Paul Ryan started talking about tax reform. America has high

  • Climate coalition

    Climate coalition

    To the Editor: Even though the administration in Washington is doing its best to remove us from the Paris Agreement, a coalition of states, cities and businesses recently unveiled a plan to combat climate change and advance our clean energy economy. If this coalition was a country, it would be the third largest economy in

  • Tax vote

    Tax vote

    To the Editor: I voted last week to move forward the House tax reform proposal, which keeps intact the current highest tax rate for top earners. Since before this proposal in the House was put forward, I have made clear the current highest tax rate for top earners—those making $1 million or more—must remain intact.

  • Wrong side

    Wrong side

    To the Editor: Rep. Bruce Poliquin is morally on the wrong side of many of the most important issues of our time. From access to affordable health care to support for the ultrarich to not supporting measures to combat climate disaster, he is not representing the values of 2nd District Mainers. Is he capable of

  • Family farms

    Family farms

    To the Editor: As a farmer, small business owner in Hancock County and a “job creator,” I object to the tax bill Rep. Bruce Poliquin supported. Tax breaks for the super rich and multinational corporations are not what my business needs. We need affordable health care for our employees, not windfalls for multinational corporations like

  • Middle of the road

    Middle of the road

    After the Oct. 30 windstorm, one downed tree in particular received a lot of attention. It had fallen onto Eagle Lake Road near Mount Desert Island High School, a primary transportation corridor for commuters, students and others needing to get from one side of the island to the other. The tree was in the road