• Viewpoint: In support of a K-8 education

    By Katrina Linscott Throughout my 14 years teaching at Tremont Consolidated School, I have witnessed the myriad of ways K-8 education serves our students. The incredible events of last Friday clearly demonstrate this fact. In the effort to meet curricular requirements for music and physical education, PE teacher Emmy Watson and music teacher Allison Putnam

  • Letter to the editor: A pattern of discrimination

    To the Editor: In defending Donald Trump from accusations of racial discrimination, Richard Montalbano wrote (“Look for the Good,” Jan. 16) “in a building he owned, once he was made aware of it, he fired the building manager and made it right.” No big deal. Right? Not quite. For the record, when the Department of

  • Letter to the editor: Legalization provides protections

    To the Editor: Ms. Goldthwait believes that cannabis’ lack of harm justifies her position that the substance should not be legalized (“State of Maine: State should rethink marijuana and vaping,” January 16). But just the opposite is true. It is precisely because cannabis may pose potential risks to certain consumers, or when it is consumed

  • Editorial: Growing old together

    It’s hard enough getting older without the prospect of doing it alone. Human connections — from small talk at the checkout to time spent with loved ones — make toughing out another Maine winter more bearable. But isolation is a problem for many seniors. Rural Maine is an especially hard place to live if you

  • Editorial: An old Problem

    The opioid epidemic is claiming lives, filling jail cells, breaking up families, diminishing the pool of eligible workers and costing billions of dollars. The crisis is rightly at the forefront of discussions surrounding public health and criminal justice in Maine and nationwide. But there is another intractable substance abuse problem that dates back much further

  • Viewpoint: Health Coverage Act will offer choices

    By Janet Mills   Campaigning across the state in 2018, I met so many people worried that they’ll never be able to afford health care. Small business owners bracing for unpredictable hikes in costs for the health insurance their employees all need to stay healthy and stay working. Seniors who are rationing prescription drug medications

  • Mainers deserve better coverage

    To the Editor: A recent study by Maine Center for Economic Policy on behalf of Maine AllCare (available at maineallcare.org) showed that a universal, publicly funded health care system covering every Maine resident could save Maine $1.5 billion in total health care spending. This report went to our Governor, legislators and the media and yet