• Positive impact

    Positive impact

    Late spring in Maine brings new beginnings, including college and high school graduations. They are ceremonies of passage, leaving one place, one step in life, and leaping to the next. America’s youths are worldlier and possess more technological aptitude than any generation before them, giving them tools to meet challenges unforeseen barely a decade ago.

  • Debt clock ticking

    Debt clock ticking

    America’s federal debt now exceeds $21.2 trillion, and each citizen’s share of that debt is more than $64,500. The Congressional Budget Office, in its “Budget and Economic Outlook: 2018-2028,” said that our federal debt is projected to be on a steadily rising trajectory throughout the coming decade. Debt held by the public, which has doubled

  • Community forum: Conversations with my father

    Community forum: Conversations with my father

    By Todd R. Nelson My father could hold a conversation with anyone. Some of my favorite recollections are of him doing just that. His print, radio and television journalism career took him to myriad places and stories in 40 years of reporting. He earned a living starting conversations with unlikely people in unlikely places. As

  • Continuing a proud tradition

    Continuing a proud tradition

    To the Editor: As one of the islandwide middle school track team coaches, I would like to take the opportunity to speak about our program. Recently there was a much-appreciated article about our team in the Islander called, “Young Runners.” This article acknowledged some very spectacular performances in our final competition of the season. However,

  • More guns is not a solution

    More guns is not a solution

    To the Editor: As a teacher of nearly 30 years, I have a deep interest in the issue of school safety, and I completely reject the idea that putting more guns into our schools offers any kind of reasonable solution. My mind boggles that people who consider themselves leaders are saying that teachers should be

  • Botany lovers

    Botany lovers

    To the Editor: Sometime this winter, I wondered if the taxonomists had come to their senses and changed the scientific name of bunchberry back to what it was. Unfortunately, they had not. But I did learn that bunchberry catapults its pollen into the air in one of the fastest reactions known in the plant world.

  • Keep an even keel

    Keep an even keel

    Bar Harbor and other Mount Desert Island communities are reeling this week from a horrible one-two punch: the death of a young local woman and the arrest of a young local man in connection with her death. The closeness and generosity among people and families in our towns is enormous. Community support has helped, and

  • A difficult decision

    A difficult decision

    The Municipal Review Committee voted last Thursday to allow member towns to rely, temporarily, on their former trash-to-energy partner, the Penobscot Energy Recovery Company, for garbage disposal. The decision was rational and expedient. It also was painful. Had everything gone according to plan, the Municipal Review Committee’s 115 member towns would be sending their trash