• State of Maine: The citizen legislature

    Five months beyond the April 18 statutory adjournment date, the 128th Legislature finally called it quits, but they could not avoid letting the door hit them on the way out. Governor Paul LePage accused departing legislators of everything from “shifty financing” to “insouciant oversight.” He reserved special ire for Senate President Mike Thibodeau, whose efforts

  • Letter to the Editor: Only one way to stop threat to democracy

    To the Editor: The news from Washington seems to get worse every day. Mueller’s investigations are revealing what we all suspected: this administration is probably the most corrupt in our history. As the string of indictments closes in on Trump and his family, a constitutional crisis could be imminent. The rest of Trump’s oligarchic administration,

  • To the Editor: September is Recovery Month

    To the Editor: The number of individuals affected nationwide by use of alcohol, drugs, other addictive substances, and/or a co-occurring mental health disorder is staggering. More than 27 million people reported current use of illicit drugs or misuse of prescription drugs in 2015. Sixty-six million individuals, or 25 percent of our adult and adolescent population,

  • Capitol Commentary

    A midterm State of the Union assessment By Fred Benson Forty-six days from now, voters will go to the polls to set the nation’s political azimuth for the next two years. Most midterm elections are unconvincingly described as being far more important than others, but this time it’s real. It is widely acknowledged that the

  • Letter to the Editor: Slow down on the ferry

    To the Editor: What makes a town? It’s the people who live here. And the people who live in this beautiful town want to hear and be heard! They want to hear the pros and cons, to voice their concerns, and to be really listened to. Town Council Members, about this ferry terminal business, slow

  • Letter to the Editor: Sign language

    To the Editor: It is tempting to view the signs which are appearing around us stating that “hatred does not live here” as a comforting reminder that most of us do not hate each other. However, there are other easily overlooked aspects to the signs that are troubling, particularly the fact that the sentiment is

  • Letter to the Editor: Protect our vets

    To the Editor: Many of us will remember friends and relatives who, after WWII, went to college or bought a home with their GI Bill benefits. And I am guessing many of us know young people who joined the military as their only realistic path to higher education. Now the Trump administration is slapping down

  • Letter to the Editor: Open letter to Janet Mills

    Dear Attorney General Mills, We the members of the Indivisible MDI Steering Committee would like to support your gubernatorial campaign, but remain unconvinced that you will develop respectful and fair relations with the Wabanaki nations of Maine. The statements on your campaign website under the heading “Working with Maine’s Indigenous People” are promising. “As Governor,

  • Letter to the Editor: A needed check

    To the Editor: Some of my Republican neighbors say you are all in with Donald Trump, but I know there are many who are dismayed, appalled, or even frightened by what is going on in Washington. This is not the time to sit back and worry while Congress does nothing to challenge the president. It’s