• Creature comforts

    Creature comforts

    Living in beautiful, rural Maine poses some challenges that rarely appear on the radar of folks in urban and suburban settings. One of these challenges is the proximity of wildlife. Towns, private organizations and individuals must work together to keep people, pets, livestock and wild animals safe and out of each other’s way. We shouldn’t

  • In moderation

    In moderation

    Last week, Sen. Susan Collins made her long-awaited, much-anticipated decision on whether she would run for governor next year or continue her service as Maine’s senior senator in Washington. Her decision to remain in the Senate is one we appreciate and applaud. A nationally recognized moderate, Collins’ probity and belief in thoughtful deliberation are urgently

  • Eyes on the road

    Eyes on the road

    Recent headlines tell the story of increased levels of motorcycle crash deaths in Maine this year — exceeding last year’s total deaths through the end of September, with 20 so far. Automobile crash deaths over the past two years have increased as well, after years of falling death levels across the country. These trends deserve

  • Spin doctors at work

    Spin doctors at work

    She’ll stay. There was a collective sigh of relief around the state and the country when Susan Collins, one of the few grown-ups in Washington, decided to continue her service in the U.S. Senate. Despite the temptation to come home and run for governor, she “put paid to” that notion last week. Now it’s spin

  • A look at the Second Amendment

    A look at the Second Amendment

    By Steve Perrin In the turbulent wake of yet another round of mass murders by gunfire — this time in Las Vegas — it is time to reread the Second Amendment to seek assurance in our time of shock and confusion. The amendment contains 27 words divided into four sections separated by three commas. In

  • Medicaid expansion the right thing to do

    Medicaid expansion the right thing to do

    By Arthur Blank On Nov. 7, voters will have the opportunity to decide whether Maine should join 30 other states and the District of Columbia in approving Medicaid expansion. There are a lot of good reasons why we should vote “yes” on referendum Question 2, but the most important is because it is the right

  • Investment in health

    Investment in health

    To the Editor: Seventy thousand hard-working Mainers can’t afford health coverage. That’s the bad news. When they seek emergency room services, the rest of us pay, or hospitals add debt. Maine taxpayers have sent $1 billion to Washington that is allocated to states expanding Medicare. We add over $300 million to this outflow every year.

  • Socialist agenda

    Socialist agenda

    To the Editor: For seven years, I have been leading the charge to change the status quo in Augusta. But the legislature won’t make the tough decisions that are needed to move Maine from poverty to prosperity. This opens the door for socialists to push their agenda through the ballot box. These citizen referendums punish

  • Acting in haste

    Acting in haste

    To the Editor: Almost three months after the MDOT expressed a willingness to sell the ferry terminal property to the town with no strings attached for $3.5 million, the Town Council will vote to sign an amendment to the option agreement to include that term. The town can still take the huge risk of buying

  • Unfit to serve

    Unfit to serve

    To the Editor: Donald Trump is constantly demonstrating that he is unfit to be president. One does not need to look far to find examples. He denies global warming and encourages fossil fuel production. He prefers to withdraw from hard-won international agreements, such as the Paris emissions accord and the Iran nuclear deal. He has