• To the Editor: Everyday sexism

    Being a young woman is hard. My whole life, I’ve known that women aren’t treated the same way as men. People use different adjectives to describe us and our abilities. Different tones. Different levels of understanding and concern.

  • To the Editor: Beyond capacity

    The enormous scale of the proposed Acadia Wilderness Lodge causes me to comment. As a legal resident of Bar Harbor, I would only make my views known about land use issues in Tremont under extraordinary circumstances, a threshold this proposal meets.  

  • Editorial: We’re ready to play some offense

    The season’s must-have accessory is making waves on the social (and socially distanced) scene. No, it’s not sweatpants with extra stretchy waistbands. That’s so 2020. It’s a Band-Aid affixed to the upper arm with all the panache of a beret tipped just so. One newly vaccinated Hancock County resident emerged from the Cross Center Insurance Center in Bangor last week sporting a Bugs Bunny bandage. Très chic.  

  • Editorial: Every step of the way 

    Mainers take voting seriously.   Voters can register up until the day they vote and can vote absentee without an excuse. Public financing is available to candidates who want it, and Maine was among the first in the nation to adopt ranked–choice voting for every general election candidate.   In short, Maine goes out of its way to make sure everyone has their voices heard on

  • To the Editor: What we need to do 

    To the Editor:  We all want to be free of the misery of COVID as soon as possible.  Overcoming COVID is a team sport. Each one of us has it within our power to speed up or slow down that process for all of us.  As viruses will, the COVID virus has been changing. Sometimes the changes make

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