• To the Editor: A big mistake

    To the Editor:  Last week’s Islander article on the Town Council’s public hearing on the November Warrant Articles incorrectly reported that I endorse the reduction of the Warrant Committee and misquoted me, saying that I believe the town should “eliminate subcommittees for a smaller Warrant Committee.”  Nothing could be further from the truth. First, I made no comment

  • To the Editor: Traffic mayhem

    To the Editor:  I find myself both puzzled and dismayed by Acadia National Park’s attempt to transform Schooner Head Road, a once relatively quiet access to residential neighborhoods and the Schooner Head Overlook, into a MAJOR highway for entry into the park. With the proposed “timed entry” reservation system, Schooner Head Road will now become the ONLY exit

  • To the Editor: Vote Paradis

    To the Editor: Paul Paradis is running for the Hancock County Commission District III seat representing Bar Harbor, Cranberry Isles, Franklin, Frenchboro, Hancock, Lamoine, Marshall Island, Mount Desert, Southwest Harbor, Swan’s Island, Tremont and Trenton. The job of a county commissioner is very similar to serving on your local school committee or as a member

  • To the Editor: Deepest thanks

    To the Editor:  On behalf of the Board of Trustees and staff of the Southwest Harbor Public Library, I want to thank the people and town of Southwest Harbor for their continued financial support and let you know of how we continue to adjust to the difficult situation.  We were forced to close the library in March in

  • To the Editor: Human decisions 

    To the Editor:  What follows, I know, is naive. There are scholars of various stripes who argue that most/all human interaction is “political.” According to the media that we watch and/or listen to, members of Congress discuss, debate, argue and make political decisions on a regular basis. It is what they do.  Might we not be better off if

  • To the Editor: Vote no on 2, 4, 7 and 8 

    To the Editor,  As we Bar Harbor voters consider nine amendments to the constitution of our town, our Town Charter, I urge caution. The idea of convening a Charter Commission was first raised by the Town Council on Aug. 15, 2017, in opposition to a common sense proposal by the Warrant Committee that the council propose a single charter amendment to the

  • To the Editor: Grohoski for state House  

    To the Editor:  I can’t think of a better advocate for the working people of Maine than Nicole Gorohoski. She has fought for fair treatment of ratepayers in the purchase of Emera by the Canadian company ENMAX, as the only legislator who intervened in the docket (in which I was also an intervener).  She continues to push work for

  • Viewpoint: Retail marijuana should be considered in Bar Harbor 

    By Sheryl DeWalt  We are grateful that the Bar Harbor Town Council is beginning to take a look at the issue of retail marijuana sales in Bar Harbor. I would like to provide additional background information on the state issuance of the conditional retail dispensary license to Tree of Life Day Spa.  Tree of Life Day Spa has

  • Viewpoint: Dangerous conditions on Schooner Head Road  

    By Will Schroeder  The ongoing U.S. Park Service experiment to control access to Acadia National Park has been an eye opener for those of us who live nearby, travel and recreate on Schooner Head Road. It has resulted in fast, dangerous and heavy traffic on what was once a rural road. Many of us living along Schooner Head Road are concerned for

  • Viewpoint: Vote ‘no’ on marijuana ordinance 

    By Dick Dimond  The voters of Southwest Harbor are being asked if they wish to adopt an ordinance permitting commercial recreational use of marijuana by individuals over the age of 21. To date, no town in Hancock County has voted to permit such activities, and Southwest Harbor should not become the only town in Hancock County