In reflection on last week’s passage of Ballot Question 3, the citizens’ initiative to limit cruise ship disembarkation in Bar Harbor, I first and foremost wish to recognize and thank numerous friends and fellow voters for their efforts, participation and support. You know who you are, and I salute you. It is no small thing for a citizenry to take back governance that has strayed from democratic norms and clearly expressed community values. As one correspondent wrote, “I saw the results Tuesday night & was totally thrilled – & surprised. I didn’t think we had it in us but I’m glad we do.” Congratulations and well done!

Bar Harbor’s citizens now having spoken loud and clear – we expect the town to properly and professionally administer the full provisions of the initiative that now supersedes their cruise management plan. It is understood that initiative opponents had other preferences but officials, elected, hired and appointed, must now follow their employers’ directions. If unwilling, they should properly and on their own initiative seek other positions. Unjustified threats of increased town hiring and costs ought to be forsworn as unnecessary and leading to further discord and resistance.