Florence Ryan


Florence Ryan, 92, of Bar Harbor passed away peacefully to dementia on Monday, Sept. 24, at Westgate Manor, Bangor, where she had resided her last six years. Florence often told childhood stories of walking to town (Bar Harbor) from Town Hill for the weekend, where they would stay with family. She absolutely abhorred school and couldn’t wait to get work and would be a working woman until the age of 80. From the cannery in Bar Harbor to a great number of hotels and motels, Florence worked hard to help raise her family.

Florence didn’t tell many stories on her own, however, she periodically would talk about her brother Andrew Jr. having drowned in Eagle Lake. Florence would also speak of the ’47 Fire -how they feared for their lives until the winds shifted.

Florence raised her two oldest children virtually on her own and moved to Boston shortly after they were grown. She met Orvis Ryan, her partner of 40-some years, while living and working in Boston. They moved back to Bar Harbor to raise their youngest child.

Some people would call Florence stubborn. That she was, however she had a big heart and learned to navigate life by never holding back how she felt. Like many of her generation Florence lived a meager youth and learned to work hard to provide for her family.

Florence enjoyed work so much and the relationships she made along the way. The camaraderie of a team or the kindness of a tourist gave Florence much happiness. She missed working after she retired, often talking about how she needed to get a job. Whether working or at home, Florence loved listening to the radio, particularly country and western.

Florence was predeceased by her parents, Andrew and Ellen Urquhart, aunt Bessy Carpenter; partner Orvis Ryan; brothers Andrew Urquhart Jr. and Charlie Huntley; and daughter Linda Smith. Florence is survived by sons Rodney Urquhart (Carol Soares) and David Tomlinson (Jennifer Tomlinson); and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Maine and New Hampshire.

Florence didn’t want a funeral or service. Family asks you to think of her kindly and spend time with your loved ones.

Know when to pay your respects.