Ambassador Anthony Dryden Marshall

flagNEW YORKAmbassador Anthony Dryden Marshall, a very great man, died Nov. 30, 2014. Patterning his life after his beloved grandfather, Gen. John H. Russell, 16th Commandant of the Marine Corps, Tony was first and always a Marine.

Tony loved animals as much as people and was a talented wildlife photographer working for both the National Geographic magazine and World Books Encyclopedia in the 1950s and 1960s, an early conservationist, author of seven books and a highly respected three-time United States Ambassador.

Tony very much loved by his three stepchildren, Arden, Inness and Robert, and three step-grandchildren, James, Lyon and Weston, who showered him with love, affection and respect, particularly his stepson, Robert, with whom he formed an everlasting and most loving bond. During the course of his life, he helped countless young people get their own start in life by introducing them to those who could provide internships or jobs or sometimes he would write a check to tide one over until they could make it on their own. And then he relished in their success.

Tony served his country all his life beginning as a young Marine leading his platoon onto Blue Beach on Iwo Jima earning him a Purple Heart, followed by a job as a decoder at the State Department, Consulate General to Turkey stationed in Istanbul, then 40-plus years with the CIA and the U.S. Ambassador to Madagascar, the Seychelles, Trinidad and Tobago and Kenya, where he was beloved by President Kenyatta. Until his death, he remained a member of the prestigious Racquet & Tennis Club, The Brook, The Explorers’ Club and was Founding Chairman of the Marine Corps University Foundation, as well as a recipient of the Gen. John H. Russell Leadership Award.

Tony had the tenderest of hearts, a brilliant mind and an outrageous sense of humor. It was my honor to love and be loved so tenderly by Tony for more than 25 years. Semper Fi my Tonyness, Your beloved Charlene

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