Blanket Fundraiser Check Photos (12)

Window Panes owners Julie and Greg Veilleux, Kirsten Stockman’s husband, Tom Crikelair, Stockman and Crikelair’s daughters, Eva and Lily, and Jesup Memorial Library Director Ruth Eveland celebrate the success of a library fundraising effort.PHOTO COURTESY OF THE JESUP

BAR HARBOR — Window Panes teamed up with the family of the late Kirsten Stockman to sell 238 Balkan blankets and raise $6,902 for the Jesup Memorial Library in Stockman’s memory.

“This project was a complete ‘win, win, win, win’ for all involved,” said Jesup Memorial Library Director Ruth Eveland. “A strong local business deeply connected to our town, the many warm memories of a wonderful generous woman and her family, a vital institution that serves the whole community and many warm people all working together.”

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