Zoning changes

BAR HARBOR — No one spoke against proposed changes to the town’s land use ordinance when the Planning Board held a public hearing last week.

“There’s nothing really too controversial in this round of amendments,” board Chairman Ivan Rasmussen said.

“There weren’t any negative comments.”

The proposal from the Planning Board aims to restore several uses that were inadvertently deleted when the Downtown Village I, Downtown Village II and Downtown Village Transitional districts were created a few years ago, Planning Director Bob Osborne said. The changes are set to come before voters at town meeting in several separate articles.

The proposed uses, farmers’ markets, single-family and two-family dwellings, car sales and repair, home occupations and retirement communities, did not meet opposition.

Another set of amendments is intended to define internally illuminated signs, clarify lighting requirements for signs and clarify the Design Review Board’s Overlay District and sign review authority.

After public hearings in the fall, the Planning Board separated out changes dealing with parking lots and parking garages. Then, at the request of the Town Council, they removed all the parking-related amendments and plan to address those uses at a later date.

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