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“Dip of the Month” is not found in salad bars or hors d’oeuvres menus. It’s the I’d-rather-hear-about-than-do-it activity of some of the Islesford residents. This weekend, Stefanie Alley and Joy Sprague were in the water for a swim on Saturday, followed by Barb Shirey Fernald and Cindy Thomas on Sunday. Chris Wriggins was a Dipper for two years while his family was based here, and Jesse Minor dipped when he lived out here. They are the only men who dipped.

A Meet and Greet took place at the Great Cranberry Island Community Center on Sat., Feb. 21, at 1 p.m. with photographer Howie Motenko and his wife, Brenda. Howie has partnered with the Sea Coast Mission in a light painting project. It is described best on the website www.paintingislands.com as: “The ‘Painting Islands: Uniting Community with Art’ project will explore participatory art utilizing the photographic technique of light painting on all fifteen year-round Maine islands. I will assemble a team of volunteer island residents who, wielding flashlights, will ‘paint’ an iconic landscape scene with light while I create a long-exposure photograph.”

You may remember Howie from his “Painting Bridges Project” where the technique mentioned was used on the Carriage Road Bridges of Acadia National Park, resulting in beautiful and unique photographs. Ingrid Gaither, Ben Walls, Eileen Richards, Jessi Duma, Sarah MacKracken, Beverly Sanborn, Jessica Sanborn, Melanie Sanborn and Samson Gaither gathered at the Community Center for the discussion of what would be chosen as a subject for the Cranberry photo. Of four sites listed by those attending, one will be the subject of the photograph. Several people had already met the Motenkos at a morning meeting on Islesford: Lindsay Eysnogle, Kaitlyn Duggan, Stefanie Alley, Joy Sprague and Sally Rowan. Thank you to Howie and Brenda for their time and expertise and for including our island in an exciting new enterprise. Stay tuned for more information on how to vote for your favorite site.

The commuter boat had a complicated time getting to Islesford when the ice in Somes Sound and Southwest Harbor was chopped up. Ice made its way to Islesford and Northeast Harbor, challenging the mailboat or commuter boat to move in the harbors. The high tide was 13 feet high on the Feb. 20, and when the commuter boat ran that evening, was down 2 feet; both measurements are significantly greater than normal. The commuter boat had to tie up at the end of the Islesford dock, and it was still a huge step up from the boat. At least one person went out through the pilot house window.

W-i-n-d is still overactive. There was little snow that fell this week – a big one was forecast, but it went out to sea instead of coming up to the islands. A few inches of snow fell, which was much pleasanter than the much deeper encore dumping anticipated. This coming week isn’t expecting snow, but some brutally low temperatures, including Monday night’s low of approximately one degree below zero, with a wind chill of -25. A few days of Baltimore summer saunas sound rather nice at the moment. There are posters of snowmen wanting rides to Florida, and a photograph of the Welcome to Florida, the Sunshine State sign with snow falling. The snowmen might be disappointed!

Jasmine Samuel’s birthday was on Feb. 25! Apologies for leaving the date off last week. Upcoming this week are Amanda Smith on March 2 and Molleson O’Donovan on March 3.

Sally Rowan & Eileen Richards

Sally Rowan & Eileen Richards

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