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The island family felt a bit bigger this week with the happy celebration of both a pregnancy and a birth. Parker Jayne Westphal was born to Brendon and Shannon Westphal on Thursday, Jan. 12. She weighed 8 pounds, 6 ounces, and is a happy and healthy little girl.

On Saturday, Jan. 14, Cari Alley was conned into coming to GCI on postal business, only to arrive at the Ladies Aid and be showered in gifts for her anticipated baby boy, who is due to arrive late February or early March. The surprise party organized by Eileen Colby was a success. Cari had no idea and said she almost came wearing her postal uniform. Three toddlers ran around the aid while gifts were opened – a beautifully hand-knit sleeper from Wendy Rackliff, a comical mustache pacifier from Becca Powell – and the little island community didn’t feel so little anymore.

Ashley Bryan’s niece Vanessa Arthurs is up from Texas. It was good to see him at the church service Sunday morning for the first time since he and Susan Valdina went to Virginia back at the beginning of November to see Nikki Giovani.

Lindsay Eysnogle, Annabella Pitkin and others from Mount Desert Island are going to Washington, D.C., for the Women’s March on Saturday, Jan. 21.

Birthdays in the coming weeks include Melanie Sanborn on Jan. 19, Johnny Palmer on Jan. 23, John Moran and Kaitlyn Duggan on Jan. 27, Gary Allen on Jan. 29 and Eileen Colby on Jan. 31.

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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