UMass Geology students rock GCI

The island was overrun with 26 students from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst on Saturday. They came with backpacks, water bottles and hiking boots. Professor Sheila Seaman has been bringing a group of aspiring geologists here for 26 years. The unique rock formations of the island are the object of their study. They started at the dock and walked around the west side of island. The harsh wind and waves leave the shore bare and rocky. It’s great for observing the drastic differences in the rock structures. There are huge slabs of pink granite, small beaches with pebbles and many other rocks. They came back on the road, as the east side of the island overlooks the pool. Though it is very pretty, it’s not an easy hike. There is an abundance of trees and vegetation that grow to the water line. I asked the students if they enjoyed the visit, and they all had a good time. For most, this was their first time to Great Cranberry Island. Several expressed that they would like to come back. I hope they do.

Now that the weather has improved, a number of construction projects are in full swing. Work has begun on the Longfellow School. It is a major project and will provide a K-8 grade school for the kids of Great Cranberry and Islesford. Also, Jessie Jamison has completed renovations on the old hearse house behind the church. Pastor Tom Powell now has an appropriate place to prepare his sermons.

Last week was spring vacation for many schools throughout New England. Islesford vacationers Cari Alley, with Brenna, Rubye and Wyatt, started their vacation in New York, both the city and up the Hudson at Hyde Park. They also spent time in Bangor, including the Bangor Comic and Toy Convention’s Ghostbusters booth and Monster Jam where they were able to meet the drivers in the pits. Sally Rowan, Skip Stevens and their daughter Meg went to New York City and the Cloisters Museum. They visited Sally’s sister Dorothy and came home via Connecticut after visiting with Skip’s cousin Dave Woodward outside Hartford. They drove up the Hudson and passed Hyde Park and other estates, but weren’t able to stop at any. The New York part of the trip was warm enough to wear short sleeves, but the drive into Connecticut included snow flurries. Moral of the story: Don’t even think about putting turtlenecks or heavier sweaters away!

Donna and Henry Isaacs came out to Islesford for a bit. They’re in Portland much of the time but were glad to come to the island, as was their dog, Ruby.

May Day starts a new year for Tom Morse, Sofie Dowling, and Peter Benson. Susan White and Richard Dudman start their next years on the May 3. Barb Shirey Fernald adds one on May 4, and Karen Smallwood follows on May 5. May there be flowers in bloom on Islesford for birthday celebrations!

We look forward to reporting all the news. Send items to us by 5 p.m. on Sunday. For Islesford, email Sally Rowan at [email protected], and for Great Cranberry, reach Jennifer Walls at [email protected]


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