UMaine students explore island culture

On April 10, students and their two professors from several sections of a University of Maine-Orono Multiculturalism class braved an early morning drive and adventures on the high seas to explore island culture. It was my privilege to host professors Annette Nelligan and John Maddaus and 20 of their students for a tour of life on Swans Island. Having more students show up than anticipated – we are a popular destination – we were short on vehicles to transport our visitors around the island. Fortunately, one of the students – thanks, Adam – has an “in” with our hero Josh Joyce who loaned us the use of his vehicle for the day.

Most of the students (Adam Gray, Molly Moon, Aly Briggs, Nathan Davis, Delaney Williams, Sarah Lungarini, Carly Seymour, Miranda Church, Emma Croff, Emily Hamel, Hannah Hendricks, Connor Smith, Ryan Higgins, Josh Hoepner, Luigi Pacelli, Adam Lufuin, Jackson McMann, Dori Stevenson, Sadie Allan and Chelsea Fogg) major in education, so our first stop of the day was the school, where Kim Colbeth’s grades three to five class answered many questions posed by the university students.

After a brief muffin break at the Atlantic Firehouse, our caravan traveled to the Quarry Pond, the lighthouse and Town Hall. Picking lunch up at TIMS (Jane Ojala and Jill Philbrook gave outstanding service, despite having over 20 hungry people converge on them while cramming into the store), we made our way to Nancy Ordway’s house, where the students learned about her business, The Bangor Interpreting Agency. Our final stop for the day was the library, where Marshall and Shepard Walker performed a variety of guitar pieces and songs, and Gary Rainford treated us to a reading of selected works from his newly-published “Salty Liquor.” Many thanks go to all who made this day meaningful to our guests, starting and ending with Captain Bob Morehouse’s open-door welcome.

Jeanne Hoyle informs us that the Maine Sea Coast Mission has questionnaires regarding Sunbeam and who islanders would like to be hired to fill the vacancy left by Rob Benson. Jeanne has these questionnaires at the library and encourages us to fill one out and leave it there so she may return them to the mission.

We extend our condolences to the family and friends of Kenneth Roeder Dawson upon his passing on April 8. He and his family spent summers in the house they built on Swans Island.

Happy birthday to Astrid Curtis, Kevin Brenden Walker, Boston Kenneth LeMoine, Calvin LeMoine and Betsy Matheson.

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