Town Meeting yields changes

A full boat went from Islesford to Great Cranberry on Saturday for Town Meeting. Charlie Dunbar‘s term as selectman expired, and Malcolm Fernald is filling the seat. Joanne Thorman is taking Jim Amuso‘s seat on the Municipal Advisory Committee, while Chris White will fill Malcolm Donald‘s seat, and Karin Whitney is returning; Cari Alley and Amy Palmer continue on the Superintending School Committee, Cari for a full term and Amy to fill the third year of a seat available by resignation of the previous member.

A “subsurface cistern system” for the Islesford pumper fire truck was approved, so there will be a supply of water accessible near Town Field. The meeting ran until about 4:30 p.m., and thanks to Ingrid Gaither, those returning to Islesford were able to wait inside at the market by the dock. Not only were they able to stay warm, but Islesford residents were able to stock up on ice cream and other things calling to them from the shelves.

Barb Fernald posted, “Jamaica? No, just pretty water at the sand beach. It was breezy, but the air temperature of 52 degrees enticed us to take our March Dip! Thanks, Cindy Thomas! Water temperature 33 degrees. Hey, it’s warming up.”

Howie Motenko has gone to island communities for his “Painting Islands: Unity Community with Art” project. Islanders pick a place on the island then choose a date for Howie to join them. They go to the place before dark with flashlights in hand, and as the sunlight disappears, flash the lights around the subject. Howie does long-term exposures with some amazing productions. His website,, will show you some of the results from other islands. Each of the Cranberries will do one on different dates and islanders can participate in either or both.

The EMT group went to Baltimore for most of this week. Kelly Smith Sanborn‘s host ambulance crew said if they’re with them, they’ll be put to work. A broken latch on the ambulance door was not what any of them had in mind, but as is said, this happens.

Happy birthday to Chris Thorman and Adele Palmer on March 18.

Sally Rowan & Eileen Richards

Sally Rowan & Eileen Richards

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