Town council authorizes nearly $150,000 to cover winter costs

BAR HARBOR — As if anyone needed any further indication that this winter was one for the record books, town councilors on Tuesday were compelled to authorize nearly $150,000 in overspending of the highway department’s budget to cover costs. Salt costs alone accounted for $93,000 of the budget-busting winter, while the town shelled out an additional $26,000 for hauling snow in time to meet federal bay disposal standards.

The town budgeted $978,452 for the highway department in this year’s budget. The additional spending, approved by councilors Tuesday with a transfer from fund balance, put highway spending up over $1 million for the year. “As you can imagine, a winter season that produced 13 feet of snow wreaked havoc with the budget,” Public Works Director Chip Reeves said in a memo to the town.

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