Swan’s Island: Yacht club searches for sailboat trailers 

We extend our deepest condolences to the family and many friends of Terie Lynn Laws, who passed away on July 19. Terry Staples describes this beautiful lady: “If you have been on Swan’s Island in the past, I’m sure you have met Terie at TIMS or The Fisherman’s Co-op. Her infectious smile and loving attitude were something that made your day a little better. Sadly, she left us and her family much too soon. We are trying to raise funds to hopefully fulfill Terie’s dream of helping her very talented children, Jessica DeFrenn and Jackson Laws, finish their schooling.” Gavin Savage has set up a GoFundMe page at https://gofund.me/7c2d148e for Terie’s family and anyone who is willing to help them out during this difficult time. 

Bev McAloon reminds us that the Swan’s Island Artist Open Studio is Friday, Aug. 6, from 1-5 p.m. This year’s all-star cast is Iver Lofving at the Iver Studio, Dale Joyce at the Dale Joyce Studio and John Bryan, Bill Cheney, Jessica DeFrenn, Laurie Farley, Jessica Harrington, Gary Hoyle, AnnMarie Maguire, Viqui Maggio, Abby Milner, Hal Minis, Bev McAloon and Jennifer Pope at Odd Fellow’s Hall.  

Ben Tongue sends a request from the Swan’s Island Yacht Club: “The Swan’s Island Yacht Club is looking for trailers for our three Mercury sailboats. The boats are 18-feet long with a fixed keel. If you have a trailer you would like to donate or sell, please let us know. We are a nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.” 

Leah Staples invites us to cook, eat and/or perform at the Dinner and Variety Show at Odd Fellow’s Hall on Saturday, Aug. 7: “The cookoff starts at 5:30 p.m. and its options include chili, chowder and mac & cheese. Come to eat or enter to win; please contact Debbie Staples at 460-0385 or Lacey Freelove at 460-2443 to enter the cookoff. 

The variety show starts at 7 p.m. Desserts are for sale during the intermission. If you would like to perform in the variety show, please contact Leah Staples at 460-2307. All proceeds will benefit the Swan’s Island Recreation Program. We hope you all can come out to enjoy a great dinner and show!” 

Happy birthday to Vanya Buswell, Alexis Nicole Smith, Laura Madison Rose, Brandon Richard Davis, Sam Dy, Leonard May Sr., Sophia Altha Dy, Bonnie Holmes, L.J. Hopkins, Katelynn Riedel LeMoine and Cammie Phalan. Anniversary blessings to Gavin and Agnes Robinson, Paul and Mimi Dickson and Ed and Jaime Rose 


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Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

If you have news to share, email or call me by Sunday noon if you need it to be included in the following edition. Email me at [email protected]or call me at 526-4488.

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