Swan’s Island: Updates from the Broadband Committee  

Katelynn LeMoine reminds us that the Vet Clinic has been changed to Saturday, March 14, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at  Rick’s House: “Normally, the clinic would have been in April, but with Dr. DuBois furthering his education in herbal medication to help our animals out, he couldn’t attend the normal clinic day; consequently, he and I came up with a date in March. I know it’s short notice, but it’s what we can do. We hope to see many people there.”

We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Malcolm Edwin “Bud” Martin Jr. who recently passed away in Bar Harbor. Heidi Martin invites us to join her on Saturday, March 14, to celebrate Bud’s life: “He loved this island and the people who make it special. The celebration will be held at the firehouse at 1 p.m. Thank you for your love and support during this journey. Lunch will be served as we remember him.” If you would like to bring a dish, please contact Tammy Tripler.

Serena Walker encourages women to “join us in the Baptist Church Annex on Friday, March 20, at 10 a.m., for a time of prayer and fellowship. We will have plenty of breakfast, tea, and coffee love!”

Cathy DeMartin Harriton provides us with a Broadband Committee update: “Thank you to the 30-plus residents who watched and listened at the Library recently as the Broadband Committee, guided by its consultant Brian Lippold of Casco Bay Advisors, made a presentation on how broadband access on Swan’s Island will be affordable, and why it is critical to the future of all islanders and the generations to come. It will diversify and grow the economic viability of the island and ensure a vibrant and thriving community for future generations, provide students with the educational opportunities they need to compete, enable folks to work out of their houses and remain in their homes as we age, and put Swan’s Island in a position to participate in the global economy on an equal basis with the rest of the world.

The Committee’s next steps will be a survey of the community, gaining the support of all islanders, the preparation of the operating model, pursuit of federal and state funding and grant opportunities, and the selection of the appropriate contractor. Momentum is building and the time to close our digital divide is now or our Island will be left behind. We look forward to the opportunity to address all of your questions and concerns.”

Happy birthday to Carlton Joyce, Kevin Staples, Donna Wiegle, Christal Anne Applin, Hailey May, Elijah Joyce, Avery Kyle Staples and Marion Stinson. Happy anniversary to the love of my life, Karl Haller — thank you for the best 20 years of my life.

If you have news to share, please email or call me by Sunday noon if you need it to be included in the following edition. Email me at [email protected] or call me at (207) 526-4488.

Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

If you have news to share, email or call me by Sunday noon if you need it to be included in the following edition. Email me at [email protected]or call me at 526-4488.

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