Quick work saves beached boat

Keith and Cathy Harriton applaud some master mariners: “Look what the tide dragged in! We woke up recently to a lobster boat, First Step, on our rocks.”

Sheriff Rob Morang responded within minutes. Harbor Master Joshua Joyce, Selectman Jason Joyce, and their crew (Sam Joy, Elijah Joyce, Ezra Johnson, Josiah Joy, Sam Hoff, and Jackson Laws) worked hard for three hours to turn the boat bow first into the water.

“They used two-by-fours as oars, and in a last ditch effort to prevent another grounding while the waves were pushing back, Josh gave the engine some juice and got it started. He and Elijah sailed away safely towards the harbor to a standing ovation. Thank you guys for your quick response, ingenuity and amazing effort.”

Nancy Ordway reminds us: “The 14th annual pot luck, pie auction, and Boogie Buddy dance is happening at the Odd Fellow’s Hall this Saturday, August 18, at 5 p.m. Donations are greatly appreciated. We welcome all dancers, friends, family, and kiddos. Please bring a dish to share for the potluck; we also welcome desserts for the auction. For more information, contact me at 207-949-3839 or [email protected].”

Karen Griffin informs us about a valuable resource: “Did you know that we have a Swan’s Island recovery fund? This fund is available to support island residents with literature, financial aid for attendance to rehabilitation programs, and ferry tickets for attendance to off-island recovery meetings such as AA, Alanon, and NA. We are here to help.” Contact Joanna May at 207-460-0266 or Karen Griffin at 207-460-0940.”

Christine Dentremont thanks everyone who stopped in at the recent Open Studio and the Island Bazaar. She shares exciting news of an online store coming to her website in the early fall; check out http://www.theartofcraftingdesign.com.

Leah Staples delivers a disappointing message: “The Recreation board would like to inform the public that we are possibly going to lose the privilege of having the port-a-potty at the Quarry Pond. The owner of the business approached two of our board members and said that people are throwing trash in the port-a-potty. He is therefore considering taking it away from that location. It makes it very difficult to clean with trash being thrown in it. It costs us 250 dollars a month to have the port-a-potty. We hope the public can help us keep the facility clean so we don’t lose such a wonderful convenience. Thank you!”

Happy Birthday to Gary Turner, Albert Buswell, Zeke Freelove, David LeMoine, Carol Seavey, the Swan’s Island Lighthouse, Susan Tozier Parsley, Tom McAloon, and Sonja Jane Philbrook. Anniversary Blessings to Isaac Stinson and Siobhan Ryan.

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