Swan’s Island: Nursery school gauges interest in pre-K program 

I’m pleased to report that fresh, local food products are becoming more plentiful on our island. Besides the delicious fare provided by The Island Market and Supply, we also have: Iver Lofving‘s lettuce at $3 a bag and sea salt by the seashore (a Ranquist product) at Iverstudio; Serena Walker‘s Sunny Side Farm – “Keep on the Sunny Side – Philippians 4:8 Offering organic eggs and island-grown garden produce weekly. We often have fresh organic eggs, salad mix, kale and baby beet greens and our salad mix includes romaine and leaf lettuce, baby kale and borage blossoms. Sometimes we also have a surprise cooler out just for fun, so stop by and help yourself!”; and Katelynn LeMoine‘s free-range eggs – Chicken are $3.50/dozen and duck are $5/dozen (often limited amounts). She adds, “I’m hoping to get the coolers out a few times each week. Look for the red coolers at Before and After Boat Shop (near Red Point Road) and the future Swan’s Island Vet Clinic (past the Health Clinic, it is the second house on your right going towards the Minturn loop).” I look forward to adding many more to our growing list! 

Jeanne Hoyle reminds us that the library is now open on Sundays from 1-4 p.m. As always, we are grateful for Jeanne’s continued service to the community. 

Kathleen Lemoine has a time-sensitive request: “Hey parents of pre-K-aged kids, the Swan’s Island Nursery School is putting out the call for 3- and 4-year-olds who would be interested in attending for the ’21-’22 school year. This is just to gauge interest, nothing permanent yet. We need to know by July 12 so that we have time to plan for the fall. The two big qualifications for attendance are that your child must be fully potty trained and up to date with his/her vaccines. If you have any questions or would like to add your child’s name to the tentative list, please reach out via Facebook Messenger or cell phone to Emmie Sawyer (cell 266-1549) or Kathleen Lemoine (cell 479-2483).” 

Bev McAloon announces: “The Swan’s Island Annual Open Studio artists will be exhibiting and selling their art on Friday, Aug. 6, from 2-5 p.m. Locations will be listed closer to the day.” Save the date! 

Happy birthday to Dot Barnes, Danny Wayne Overlock, Jackie L. May, Lindsay Lee Staples, Evelyn Belle Ward and Annie Joyce Swartzwelder.  


If you have news to share, please email or call me by Sunday noon if you need it to be included in the following edition. Email me at [email protected] or call me at (207) 526-4488. 

Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

If you have news to share, email or call me by Sunday noon if you need it to be included in the following edition. Email me at [email protected]or call me at 526-4488.

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