Swan’s Island: New archery hunting law in effect for deer season 

Fran Chetwynd celebrates our Lighthouse volunteers: “The flag comes down. The lighthouse buildings are closed for the season – Saturday, Sept.11, was the last open day. After the Lighthouse Committee meeting on Wednesday, committee members and friends adjourned to the lighthouse to lower the flag in celebration of the end of a very good season. It was George Kuck who built the flagpole foundation and installed the new flagpole a few years ago, so it was appropriate that George lowered the flag, with the help of Fern Burns, and observed by John Bryan, past chairman of the committee. Eric Chetwynd played ‘Taps’ on the harmonica as the flag was lowered. Julie Pease, who donated the flag, helped release the flag safely from its lanyard. Keith Harriton, the present chair of the Lighthouse Committee, who had business off island this week, sent a congratulatory message. After George and Fern folded the flag, the ceremony had a memorable last act, as our very own Broadway star Katy Blake sang ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’ It was a great way to say ‘Goodbye, summer season 2021 – see you next year!’” 

David Bullwinkle apprises us: “The new Back Cove Trail on Swan’s Island was finished in 2021 and was made by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust using lands generously donated by Molly and John BeardRalph Hagopian, and others. It is a 38-minute hike and covers about a mile with pretty easy terrain.” Many islanders have already delighted in this trail that starts across the street from The Island Market and Supply. Although some would like to keep it a secret, we feel compelled to share with visitors this wonderful gift to our island. 

Karen Preston Griffin reminds us that the next Municipal Advisory Committee meeting will be at the town office on Thursday, Oct. 7, at 5:30 p.m. 

Rob Morang informs us: “It is deer season again. Jason Joyce and I will be available for deer tagging again this year. You may call the sheriff’s office at (207) 667-7575 if you’d like to get a deer tagged. If Jason and I are unavailable, Gott’s Store in Southwest Harbor is a deer tagging station. It is the responsibility of the hunter to get the deer tagged. Please be ready with $5 in cash or check prior to requesting a deer be tagged. 

Please be advised that there is a new law in regards to archery hunting near structures. I have copied the language and it is as follows: ‘New law in 2021: It is unlawful to discharge an arrow from a bow and arrow when on land of another person and within 100 yards of a building on that land without permission of the owner (or in the owner’s absence, permission from an adult occupant) of that building or cause an arrow from a bow and arrow to pass across the land of another person and within 100 yards of a building on that land without the permission of the owner (or in the owner’s absence, permission from an adult occupant) of that building.’ A downloadable copy of the hunting law book is available at www.maine.gov. On page 14, there is more information about the New Law in 2021 (as posted above).” 

Happy birthday to Les Ranquist, Paul Adam Joy, Rob Morang, Oakley Carroll Walker and Deb Schwabe. Anniversary blessings to Lucas and Rachel Butler and Marc and Sarah Banks Turgeon 


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Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

If you have news to share, email or call me by Sunday noon if you need it to be included in the following edition. Email me at [email protected]or call me at 526-4488.

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