Swan’s Island: Islanders give fitting farewell to Wayne Lemoine 

June Rabatin expresses the island’s collective sadness that, owing to changes at the Advent Christian Church, Meredith Creswell will no longer hold the Sunday evening hymn sings that always brought her special sunshine to our island. “Swan’s Island recently lost a treasure as Meredith Rung Creswell left her island home for the last time. She and Max gave so much to the island in their time here, and after Max went Home, Meredith continued her ministry of love, joy and music. We will never forget the beauty of the Unity Choir, the fun and inspiration of the hymn sings, and the simple joy of knowing Meredith. Come back soon, Mer. We are missing you already.” 

Iver Lofving reminds us that those interested in a bird walk with Dr. Kennedy should meet at Mill Pond Park on Thursday, Sept. 2, at 9 a.m. Donations for the park are gratefully accepted. 

Lisa Dillon Beliveau celebrates Revelever winning the Pirate Cup: “The Swan’s Island Yacht Club held the Second Annual Rick Navarro Memorial Race (aka, The Pirate Cup) on Saturday, Aug. 14. Of the six boats intending to race, three made it to the starting line and two boats finished the race. The weather was quite interesting this Saturday, with areas of dense fog and incredibly light wind forcing some potential participants to forgo the race. We are happy to announce Revelever as the winner – congratulations to John Good and crew. Our thanks also go out to the Race Committee (Lisa, Carey, Julia and Judy) and to Steve for volunteering his boat.” John Good adds, “My dear friend Rick Navarro is sorely missed. Proud to have Revelever etched on the Pirate Cup. This win is dedicated to you, Rick. Proud too of my excellent crew, three generations of Dreyers, as well as Ben Tongue and Jeff Warden.” 

Gwen May updates us on the historical society and provides us with meaningful volunteer opportunities: “We have set out the transcripts from interviews in the past and are looking for a volunteer who will do interviews with another person. Browse through stories about Swan’s Island people and old memories that have been captured, such as a trip called ‘Riding the Roads’ told by Sonny Sprague, with photos of houses past and present. 

There are still a lot of items for sale in the annex. Please help us get rid of them. A nearly new twin mattress is waiting for a home, sets of dishes, glassware, Christmas decorations and much more. For a donation, these things can be yours!” 

Jennifer Sytsma describes the memory-filled day devoted to our recently-departed Wayne Lemoine: “Sunday was an emotional day filled with lots of tears, laughs and love. A fitting farewell to a larger-than-life person who would have loved every minute. Thank you, Paul Joy, for your uplifting words and prayer and a big thank you to everyone in our family and the community of Swan’s Island for organizing food, boats, people and showing up in all of your flannel despite the blazing heat. Your stories and words of kindness and support are further proof of why this place is so magical. Watching 15 boats steam out to the Whistler for a final farewell was something so beautiful it won’t be soon forgotten. In the words of Brian Krafjack, ‘Wayne’s not gone. He’s just not here.'” 

Tammy Tripler encourages us to donate to Lifeflight: “Lifeflight is having a drive to raise money to update the fleet of helicopters/plane to provide the fastest access for patients to get to advanced care. As an EMT living on remote-access Swan’s Island, Lifeflight is my ‘right arm.’ As a volunteer ambulance service, we send many patients to life-saving advanced care with Lifeflight each year. While we can’t always save everyone, the ability to get them quickly to advanced care from our remote area is vital. Please consider sponsoring me to help reach my goal and the goal of this drive. You can also join my team, Swampers for Life; go to https://lifeflight.donordrive.com and see my Cross for Lifeflight 2021 Swampers for Life group. I hope to raise $1,000 towards the goal. Let’s keep hope alive with Lifeflight.” 

Happy birthday to Kerry Kenney, Nevora Stanley, Will Whitman, Terry A. Staples, Gavin Robinson, Kimberly Ray Banks, Jeffrey L. Ellison and Ho Youn “Lily” Ellison. Anniversary blessings to Gary V. and Angela J. Tapley and Chris and Lindsay Carlson 


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Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

If you have news to share, email or call me by Sunday noon if you need it to be included in the following edition. Email me at [email protected]or call me at 526-4488.

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