Swan’s Island: Graduates make the island proud 

Gwen Jane May extends her “congratulations to all you graduates from Swan’s Island, be it pre-school, eighth grade, high school or college. This year, you have made a huge step into a new phase of your life without fanfare and I’d like to acknowledge you all in some small way. This may not be the dream you had when you started school this last year, but I will speak for all of us in wishing you all the very best in the coming years. You have made Swan’s Island proud. I cannot begin to name all the young people who deserve this recognition, so I hope others will add to my list. Of course, being a proud grandmother of two graduates, I will start by adding best wishes and good luck to Tyler Philbrook, who graduated from the University of Vermont (Burlington, Vt.) and Jacob E. LeMoine, who graduated from Bates College (Lewiston).” Karen Preston Griffin adds to the list of Swan’s Island graduates. “Swan’s Island Nursery School: Sam Mattsen; Swan’s Island eighth grade: McKayla JoyceSam DavisCalvin LeMoine, and Jacob Baker Dow; Mount Desert Island High School: Mei Mei WhiteSarah MacDonaldIsaiah Sawyer and Will Whitman.” We apologize for any graduates we missed, and please let us know who you are. Congratulations! 

Gwen also has a message for our seasonal residents: “I’d like to reach out to the seasonal residents who are on the island for the month of June or plan to be here from mid-June though the end of the month. The dreaded tax bills will be going out during that time and if you want your bill to be sent to your Swan’s Island address, please let me know via texting, messaging, emailing or calling. I used to see those who are here or guess about some, but not this year. The office isn’t opened, so call me at home if you choose that route.” After hearing this message, a humorous Islander requested, “Please quarantine the tax bills for an extra two weeks per quarantine procedures!” We will certainly miss the summer residents who are unable to be with us this year. 

Donna Wiegle clarifies the Swan’s Island policy for requesting medical service: “If you are not feeling well and need medical attention, call 911. Do not call the medical center, EMTs or fire department. The 911 call will initiate the process of treatment. This is the procedure to be followed. If you are experiencing fever and/or symptoms of lower respiratory illness (cough or shortness of breath), call your health care physician for medical advice. If you are unable to contact your physician, call MDI Hospital at (207) 288-5081, or the Maine Coast Hospital (Ellsworth) at (207) 664-5311. They will have a few questions for you to answer and will direct you where to go next. If you are asked to go off Island for testing, you can take your personal vehicle and the Swan’s Island Emergency Medical Service will give you a medical priority. Call Debbie Staples at (207) 460-0385, (EMS Procedures). Please note: Medical priorities are not for routine medical appointments. Medical priorities are for issues that require immediate attention by a physician.” 

Happy birthday to Robert GardnerCharlie RabatinCindy TurnerRoman CookDwayne Scott OverlockJohn HarveyTravis “J.R.” May Jr.Peyton Charlotte SawyerJoanna Kohler CarterMarshall Page Walker and Jacob Everett LeMoine. Anniversary blessings to Wade and Rena ShaeferSput” and Janice StaplesKatelynn and James LeMoineJil and Randy Lewis, and Eric and Leah Staples. 

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Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

If you have news to share, email or call me by Sunday noon if you need it to be included in the following edition. Email me at [email protected]or call me at 526-4488.

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