‘Swans Island Gets Insulted’

Dexter Lee passed along a humorous article entitled “Swans Island Gets Insulted” from Oct. 2, 1947, and I just can’t resist sharing it with my readers, especially as I wait in line at the ferry along with hordes of people trying to get to the island. Gwen May said the article comes from a Stonington-Deer Isle paper, either the Island Messenger or Island Ad-Vantages:

“Well, more than a month has passed, and we’ve heard of no explosion on Swans Island. Guess our neighbors to the seaward don’t read the Boston Globe. If they did, they’d have seen some mighty uncomplimentary remarks about their little island in the Aug. 7 issue.

“In a Globe column called ‘Veteran’s Forum,’ an anonymous Coast Guardsman, substituting as keeper at Swans Island light, made the following uncomplimentary remarks:

“ ‘Some horrible ogre must be chortling in his beard as he gazes down in glee on these lonely rock piles. Swans Island is a lovely place on the Maine coast. It is foggy all the time, and the people who live there carry mothballs in their pockets to keep from molding in their tracks.’

“When we read the above and equally cutting remarks, we broke out our red ink and got ready to set some big headlines about a tarring and feathering party on Swans Island. But all this time has elapsed, and no such news has been forthcoming. As we said before, guess they don’t read the Boston Globe—either that, or they’re mighty forgiving!”

Fran Chetwynd informs us that the Friends of the Swan’s Island Lighthouse is launching their annual appeal, and she encourages us to become one of their valued donors. “We love our donors! And you could be one too! There’s a link on our Facebook page, or visit www.burntcoatharborlight.com, or snail mail works too! (Address mail to FOSIL, c/o Box 213, Swans Island, ME 04685).”

Jill Trask requests, “We are beginning to plant the garden bed outside the library. If anyone has extra plants they would like to donate, it would be very much appreciated. Please contact me at 526-4302, and I will pick them up, dig them up or do whatever is necessary!”

Happy birthday to Ed Rose, Carl G. LeMoine, Tory Lane, Thomas Riedel II, Ashley M. Tapley, Christie Lynne Staples, Cynthia Baker and Sage Dentremont. Anniversary blessings to Grant and Meghan Joyce.

Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

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