Swan’s Island: Big turnout recorded for referendum voting 

Gwen May sends us the Nov. 2 election results for Swan’s Island: “First of all, thank you to all who came out to give your opinion. Democracy at its best and Swan’s Island excelled! Out of a possible 322 registered voters, 156 voted. We also gained a few new voters, but 48 percent is huge for a referendum. The breakdown was, Question 1 – 94 voted in favor and 62 voted against the citizens initiative; Question 2 – 110 voted in favor and 43 voted against the bond issue; Question 3 – 124 voted in favor and 32 voted against constitutional amendment.” 

We extend our condolences to Sean Allen, other family members and friends of Dr. Robert H. Schwoebel who recently passed away. He spent his summers on Swan’s Island for almost 60 years and will be missed by many in our community. 

Donna Wiegle informs us regarding COVID-19 booster shots: “I am working with both Mount Desert Island Hospital and the Maine Sea Coast Mission to bring COVID-19 booster shots to the island for those who are eligible. It has been approved to mix and match vaccines, so you do not have to get the same manufacturer vaccine for your booster as you originally received. If you got your vaccine earlier this year on the mainland and not on the island, you will be able to get your booster here. Of course, if you can find a location on the mainland where you can get the booster sooner, please go ahead and do that if it is convenient for you. I will be working to bring Moderna boosters to the island as that is what most of our community members received and seems to be what MDI Hospital has had access to in the past. The vaccines the Maine Sea Coast Mission staff provided came through MDI Hospital. I hope to be able to have a booster clinic at the Mill Pond Health Center around Thanksgiving. For those who received the J&J vaccine, you are eligible two months afterwards for a booster. Both Pfizer and Moderna eligibility is six months after finishing your two-dose vaccination. Not everyone who received a vaccine this spring is currently eligible for the booster; please check to see if you are eligible. I will keep you posted as plans for the booster shot clinic come together. Thank you for doing your part to keep our community safe.” 

Jessica Bailey Harrington relays that the work is moving ahead at the Lobster & Marine Museum; they are prepping for winter and the (finally!) building project next spring. She wishes to specifically thank Allen Harrington and Jerry Goto for their preparatory help. 

Blessings on all our veterans and active military. Thank you for your sacrifices, your courage, and your dedication to preserve our rights and keep us safe. 

Happy birthday to Matthew Thomas Joy, Laurel LeMoine, Joseph W. Staples, Tom Gott, Lincoln Bennett Johnson, Logan LeMoine and Tyler Milton Philbrook.  

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Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

If you have news to share, email or call me by Sunday noon if you need it to be included in the following edition. Email me at [email protected]or call me at 526-4488.

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