Sullivan named Maine Scholar Leader

Brenna Sullivan was recognized as a Maine Scholar Leader by the Maine Association of Middle Level Educators. Rubye, Wyatt and Cari spent some time at the Maine Wildlife Park before Brenna’s award dinner.

Amy Philbrook received her Master’s degree in creative writing. The course was through the University of Maine, Orono. Well done, Amy!

Congratulations, Jim Amuso! Jim is now a captain in the Little Cranberry Island Fire Department. Jim says, “I’m proud of being in the department and love serving this town.”

Congratulations to Ashley Bryan on being awarded yet another honorary doctorate at the Maine College of Art in Portland. Well deserved! Not a dry eye in the house, nor a single audience butt in a seat after he recited three poignant Langston Hughes poems with the crowd.

The TLC schools gathered in Augusta for the week. They spent time at the State House. All of the children spoke well in front of the education committee at the Legislature. They also toured the Blaine House and participated in some hands-on activities at the Maine State Museum. Scott Cannon, a mime, performed for them. They walked through the Viles Arboretum, Fort Western and the Norlands Living History Museum. The trip started with an exploration of the bug mobile. The big hit of the trip was going to Fort Western. This week, they went to the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, and the K-4 kids went to the Discovery Museum.

While Dick Atlee stayed home to welcome spring on Mount Desert Island, Sarah Corson visited their son, Ash Corson, in the Los Angeles area. Now Ash is in Japan for Toyota for a week. Trevor Corson and Anu Partanen are in her native Finland for a month. And Sarah is back home.

For his MMA summer program, Ben Stevens has headed to work with the Navy transport. He’s gone to Norfolk, Va., and from there, to Japan. He’ll be back in August.

Lewis Powell will be baptized this Sunday, May 24, which is also Pentecost in the church calendar. Islesford will host a joint service at 10 a.m., with special boats to handle travel between islands.

A big welcome back to Ruth Westphal. She is here for the summer after spending the winter with her daughter.

The Sumner family of Fancy Gap, Va., has arrived. Ben and Cooper (age 10) arrived first at the Kane House on Great Cranberry on May 5. Darlene, Hallie (age 12) and Kariah (age 7) arrived on May 9. Darlene is expecting their fourth child sometime in June. Darlene is a cousin of Ingrid Gaither and never stopped thinking about the island as a potentially wonderful place to live after her first visit with the Gaithers three years ago. The family is also very eager to become active participants in the community. The kids previously have been home schooled and are looking forward to the experience of attending a small island school. Ben already has employment with contractor Jesse Jameson.

CIRT is very pleased to welcome both new families and encourages the members of both island communities to introduce themselves to the new folks and to help them integrate into the island lifestyle. Cezar Ferreira also is back. He has been getting things ready for Hitty’s Café to open after Memorial Day. There has been a large landscaping project behind the Cranberry House. The small pond has an even smaller island. Sammy’s Cabin has a new garden complete with a scarecrow. A big thanks to all who worked so hard on the improvements – to Blair Colby for excavating, to Rick Gather for all the landscaping, also to Ben Walls for the bridge to the small island. Come by and take a look. It’s a lovely spot to sit and relax.

As for birthdays, Ben Stevens will qualify as an adult anywhere as of May 24. Happy 21st, Ben. Chris Hathaway adds one on May 26. Dick Atlee and Ted Spurling chalk up another on May 27, and Hannah Fulsom goes up a notch on the May 29. Here comes June!

We look forward to reporting all the news. Send items to us by 5 p.m. on Sunday. For Islesford, email Sally Rowan at [email protected], and for Great Cranberry, reach Jennifer Walls at [email protected]


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