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Hats off to the Cranberry Isles Rescue Service. A larger group than usual ended up at the dock when a call came from Sutton, and they all decided to go. It turned out they all were needed because of the complication of carrying the injured person. Lifeflight met them on the Sutton field and was pleased with how well everything had been done. Thanks to soft sand, Jason Pickering was able to take the boat right up onto the island, making it that much faster for the EMTs to get to the scene. The EMTs were Katelyn Damon, Cory Duggan, Peyton Eggleston and Paul Fernald.

The Cranberry Island tennis club held its annual tournament, Wimbleberry, on the mid-August weekend. David Encarnation was the champion in men’s singles, in men’s doubles with partner Eric Dunn and in mixed doubles with partner Helen Hartley. Elissa McBride swept the field to raise the women’s championship trophy. Audrey Noether and Kit Boos were victorious in the women’s doubles division. Each winner received a trophy made by Arvard Savage. Chris Johnston graciously hosted the traditional victory party.

Ashley Bryan interviewed Jacob Lief about his book “I Am Because You Are” and the Ubuntu Education Fund last Tuesday. It took place at the Islesford Dock Restaurant. There have been good reviews of the book. Cynthia Eiseman Lief wrote, “Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday in conversation with Ashley and Jacob at the Dock. We have always appreciated the support and spirit of Ubuntu in our community.”

If you have been out to the Cranberry Isles this summer, you might have noticed that the Beal and Bunker boats can get crowded. Sea Queen has been getting repairs. It should be back in action by the end of the month. Saturday morning when I came down to the dock, there were already 15 to 20 people waiting, and more were coming. Soon, a murmur moved through the crowd about how we all could fit. To add to the problem, everyone had luggage. When the boat did arrive, we were informed they could take only 10. They picked up at Islesford first, and they must have had a large group also. Everyone was looking very disappointed. Some had a long trip home, and this delay would have set them back half the day. Suddenly, David Bunker was there to get the mail, and to everyone’s relief, he said he would get Cap’n B and bring the rest of us to Northeast Harbor. I was so happy, and everyone else was, too. That was some quick action. We all got to Northeast only a few minutes behind Double B.

There were two buoys not in the count from the buoy auction last week, but the total from the day was $1,865. Thank you to those who made the buoys and to those who bid on them. Again, thank you, Cindy Thomas, for organizing the auction and keeping track of who had buoys to decorate. And thanks again to all who decorated a wonderful range of buoys.

The Ladies Aid had a pie night last Wednesday. It cost $5 to get a ticket for a plate of pie and to be entered into a raffle. There was so much pie – apple, pumpkin, strawberry-rhubarb, blueberry and more. There was ice cream also. Blair Colby won the raffle. He got a mug and calendar and a few other items from the Ladies Aid.

The 80th anniversary issue of “Yankee Magazine,” the September/October issue, has a photograph of Ashley Bryan. Keep an eye on the magazine stands or your mailbox.

Karen Smallwood continues to make blueberry pies for the Islesford Congregational Church. When the questions go out as to who would like a pie, there are enthusiastic responses. Thanks, Karen.

Summer is on its way out. The Islesford Dock restaurant staff is heading back to college, cutting the hours back to dinner, 5-9 p.m. The final dinner will be Saturday, Sept. 5. Thank you to all the restaurant staff from the summer.

Another sign of summer’s exit: “Good Morning, Vietnam!” will play at the Islesford Neighborhood House next Monday, Aug. 31, at 7:30 p.m. The usual popcorn, lemonade, tea and water will be available. This is the last film, followed by saying “Good-bye, summer break!”

Cindy Thomas and Beatrice Amuso’s birthdays are Aug. 28; Bruce Fernald’s is Aug. 29. Former Islesford teacher Jane Grover’s birthday is Aug. 30.

Apologies to Sheila and Iann Krasnow, whose anniversary was Aug. 21 and was left out of last week’s paper.

We look forward to reporting all the news. Send items to us by 5 p.m. on Sunday. For Islesford, email Sally Rowan at [email protected], and for Great Cranberry, reach Jennifer Walls at [email protected]



Sally Rowan and Jennifer Walls

Sally Rowan and Jennifer Walls

We look forward to reporting the news. Send items to us by 5 p.m. on Sunday. For Islesford, email Sally Rowan at [email protected], and for Great Cranberry, reach Jennifer Walls at [email protected]
Sally Rowan and Jennifer Walls

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