Storm a memory, spring arrives

In last week’s storm, the Sanborns recorded gusts of wind reaching 95 mph at the end of Dog Point Road on Great Cranberry. Anyone brave enough to leave their house was pelted with snow and hail as the temperature hovered just above freezing. Those same winds took down a number of trees, a few crisscrossing power lines and one downed tree, managing to turn out the lights across the island. That night, islanders were lulled to sleep by the persistent hum of generators. Wednesday, Emera came out to assess the situation but could not get the lights or phone lines working until the following afternoon.

Everything was just about back in order by Friday and the second half of town meeting, during which residents finished up voting on a few important issues that couldn’t be covered in time last weekend. The town will move forward in pursuit of improvements to the LCI dock, which may or may not include a breakwater built with reclaimed stone. Funds are being allocated to improve Dog Point Rd and eliminate omnipresent potholes. It also was decided that a property owned by the town in Manset would not be sold, but kept and explored as an asset, either for parking expansion, rental income or housing for island families with high school students.

Ted and Jeri Spurling went to California for a reunion of Jeri’s family. The gathering crowd included Jeri’s parents; Jeri and Ted; Jeri’s sister, Kim Chrestensen, and her husband; Marya and Tor Goettsche Spurling; Heather Spurling; and Christina Spurling and Andrew Trepanier. Ted’s plan was a return to Islesford after just a few days in California, while Jeri will go up to Portland, Ore., for a few days with Heather.

Sunday included a Game Day fundraiser, with ice cream sundaes, a variety of board games and badminton, for a field trip to New York City for Beatrice Amuso and Patrick Mocarsky. Joy Sprague, Cindy and Dave Thomas, Denise McCormick, Nan and Roy Hadlock, Serena Spurling, Xander Amuso and Ashley Bryan were among those who went. The field trip will include the museum and memorial for 9/11, a trip to the U.N., the Statue of Liberty and time in Central Park. Other things are sure to come up.

Spring is here. Here’s hoping there’s not another storm post-equinox! It’s time to see spring chicks, daffodils and tulips, sandals working toward kicking the boots to the back and warmer water for the Dip of the Month.

It finally warmed up enough (heh) for a more leisurely Dip of the Month. Cindy Thomas and Barb Fernald headed down a snowy drive to get to the beach. Barb posted: We thought today was the last day of winter, so we went for a dip to celebrate. The March dip is usually a tough one. But today, no wind! Looked like summer! (35 degrees air, 34 degrees water said we have a few more months to wait.) It was a beautiful afternoon, but with a really-too-cold water temperature.

The Islesford Library had its Tuesday Tea that morning just in time before the storm hit. Ted Spurling, Ann Fernald, Ashley Bryan, Dave Thomas and Jason Pickering got together and had coffee, tea and cake.

Sally Rowan and Ingrid Gaither spent Monday aboard the Maine Seacoast Mission’s Sunbeam with Kendra P. Chubbuck (Isle au Haut), AnnMarie Maguire (Swans), Toby Martin (Islesboro), Gary Rainford (Swans) and Douglas Cornman from the Seacoast Mission’s home in Bar Harbor. After some meetings via the internet, the team got together in person to organize the layout. Barbara Myers cooked a wonderful breakfast and lunch.

Apologies to Henry, Robin and Fritz Fernald for the recent mix-up. Robin is Henry’s father.

Dan Lief’s birthday is coming up on March 26, as is Pete Eldridge’s. Chris Diaz will blow out candles on March 28. Owen Roberts, Jen Westphal and Janice Strout will celebrate on March 29. Kelly Fernald slides in at the end of the month, on March 31. Wyatt Alley also has a March 31 birthday. Eva Galyean has a birthday on April 1.

Happy birthday!

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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