Spring flowers popping up

Winter finally seems to have backed off, and the robins have arrived from their vacationland in the south. The islands are still quiet, but with daffodils and crocuses making their appearance, the two year-round communities look forward to a change of pace and to seasonal residents returning like the robins.

One of these robins, Cesar Ferreira, is back for the season at Hitty’s Cafe. He’s been sitting on the rooftops. This chef has taken up roofing before the cooking season picks up.

Tuesday’s Islesford Library Coffee/Tea hour was well attended. Douglas Cornman from the Maine Seacoast Mission came and was guest baker. Douglas studied cooking and baking in Paris and has an open invitation to return any time. He brought oatmeal scones with a little bit of oatmeal sprinkled on the top of a drizzle of maple syrup glaze. Ashley Bryan, Anna Fernald, Katie and Danny Fernald, Erica Merrill, Jeff and Barbara Pease, Jason Pickering, Scott (ask Jason), Sally Rowan, David Thomas and Mark (ask Douglas).

Thursday was the Islesford Library’s time with kids. Ashley Bryan read “Group Soup” to Elliott Damon Hadlock, Bode Duggan and Marina Pickering. Johnny Palmer and Aaron Kimball went in the afternoon to look for books. Jonathan and January Bennett, new residents, made their first visit to the library.

Dip of the Month was squeezed in under the wire. Tuesday, March 27, Joy Sprague, Cindy Thomas and Barb Fernald took advantage of a sunny afternoon. The air temperature was about 45 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny, no wind, and the background showed snow on Cadillac. They went in twice, the second time being to shout “One point three” in honor of the Department of Agriculture’s support for the broadband system now on the islands. Cindy thought the water felt like 39 degrees. Joy thought it felt around 38 degrees. They usually average between the Eastern Maine Shelf buoy and the buoy in Bar Harbor. The EM Shelf said the water was 39 degrees. The Bar Harbor water temperature was 38 degrees. So Joy and Cindy were right on! By October they all will have been dipping monthly for 17 years.

Easter was celebrated both on and off-island. The mail boat ran its regular schedule, with Capt. Greg Theriault filling in for Dan Lunt, who is recovering from a tricky case of pneumonia. Linda Lunt said he’s gaining back his health quickly, and we all hope to see him on Sea Queen again soon.

Easter dinner was served to the GCI community at the Cranberry House after church service. The dinner that is usually hosted by the Ladies Aid had to be relocated due to a lack of heating oil for the regular space. Ham, fixings and dessert were delightful. Everyone was happy to see Polly Bunker along with Colleen at the meal.

The Island Cooks season is officially over, which means we really are through with winter. Karin Whitney served a Maine lobster dinner with dessert for the island’s elder residents’ last meal. Thanks to all the cooks this season: Eileen Richards, Beverly Sanborn, Laurie Dobson, Barbara Meyers, Helen Bertles and Karin Whitney.

Happy birthday to Kyle Krasnow on April 9 and Judy Ravenhill on April 10!

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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